Slay promoted to portfolio manager at Justine Petersen

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Cover picture for the articleStephanie Slay was recently promoted to the position of portfolio manager At Justine Petersen Housing Investment Corporation (Justine PETERSEN). Slay originally came to Justine PETERSEN in 2007 as a client. She joined the JP Staff as a full time associate in June of 2017. Slay and her husband have served the St. Louis market for over 20 years as small business owners. At Justine PETERSEN, Slay is able to use her years of business management experience to assist clients in successfully managing their assets. PETERSEN is a Missouri not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to connect institutional resources with the needs of low-to moderate-income individuals and families, helping them to build assets and create enduring change – not just for each individual or family that we assist, but the community as a whole.