Credit Building

Credit Building Counseling

Schedule a free one-on-one credit building appointment with one of our financial counselors to develop a credit action plan to improve your credit score and achieve your financial goals.

Credit Building Loans
Qualified clients may be able to take out a small dollar credit building loan to consolidate debt, payoff high interest loans, or take other steps to build their credit.

Secured Credit Card

We can assist you in applying for a secured credit card, a credit building tool that can provide a line of credit to people with weak or thin credit history.

Why Do You Need Credit?

  • People with good credit will save roughly $250,000 on average in interest and fees throughout their working lives.
  • Having good credit increases your ability to purchase a home, start or expand a business, take out student loans, and build asset wealth.
  • Credit buffers against financial shocks so that you don’t have to use costly alternatives to weather unexpected expenses or missed income.
  • Your credit can affect your access to things not even related to credit, such as utilities, cell phone, rental housing, and employment.

What is a Credit Report?

  • A credit report is a detailed outline of your transactions as they relate to credit products and services.
  • It provides you with your credit score, which is a numerical rating that tells a lender how likely you are to pay them back based on your credit history.
  • A credit report also shows your account information and payment history on any current or past loans and credit cards and any outstanding collection debt you may have.
For more information and additional resources please follow the links below:

Short videos to help you 1) understand the importance of a good credit score and 2) provide tips on choosing and using credit cards:

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