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Credit Building

Justine PETERSEN believes that the strong credit of business owners is a vital tool on the path to achieving financial wellness. Justine PETERSEN provides to all business owners comprehensive credit score counseling and access to credit building loan products and secured credit cards as part of loan application process.

Small Business Loans

Justine PETERSEN serves existing and start-up businesses and offers safe and affordable capital with the goal of graduating businesses or individuals back to mainstream finance. Justine PETERSEN offers loans from $500-$150,000.

SBA Micro-Enterprise Loan (Non SBA guaranteed loans)

  • Up to $50,000 (JP average under $10,000)
  • Interest Rate : 7.25 – 11%
  • Up to 72 Month Term
  • 3% closing fee
  • 100% collateral requirement
  • up to $3,000 unsecured loans are available

CDFI Micro-Loan

  • Up to $50,000 (typically over $10,000)
  • Interest Rate 12%- 20%
  • Up to 72 Month Term
  • 6% closing fee
  • 100% collateral requirement

USDA Micro-Enterprise Loan
For businesses based in rural MO areas (will require address verification)

  • Up to $150,000
  • Interest Rate: 9.5%
  • Up to 72 Month Term
  • 6% closing fee
  • 100% collateral requirement

Community Advantage Loan (SBA guaranteed Loan)

  • Up to $150,000
  • Quarterly adjustable interest rate based on PRIME rate (Prime+6%, currently at 11.5%)
  • 10 year term
  • 10% equity injection requirement for start-up businesses
  • collateral requirement
  • $2,500 loan packaging fee

Able Biz (for people with disabilities)

  • Up to $50,000
  • Interest Rate: 6%
  • Up to 84 months term
  • Closing Fee: 3%
  • 100% collateral requirement
  • up to $3,000 unsecured loans are available

Contractor Loans

The goal of the JP Contractor loan is to build the capacity of small St. Louis construction firms with access to affordable capital so they can grow and take on larger contracts to meet the construction needs of the St. Louis region. Justine PETERSEN Contractor Loans are typically originated as 90 day short-term balloon notes with no monthly payments and an option for a 90-day renewal . Contractor loans up to $150K are originated at 0% interest rate with a 6-8% flat closing fee.

Who would benefit from a contractor loan?

  • Trade businesses in the construction industry
  • Businesses that secured construction contracts but don't have access to traditional lines of credit and/or don’t have internal cash flow to service secured contracts
  • Small businesses with blemished personal credit scores that make them ineligible for traditional loans and lines of credit

Counseling and Training

Justine PETERSEN assists entrepreneurs to transition from informal to formal businesses through technical assistance, training, and loan origination. Justine PETERSEN also provides post-loan technical assistance for those businesses that struggle to meet their business plan benchmarks and for those that are expanding their businesses.

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