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My Path to my Why
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"My why is also my daughters and grandchildren" Franchot Cunningham

Meet Franchot Cunningham,

In my journey within the Real Estate industry, I encountered early on the injustices and disparities faced by people of color, particularly African Americans. Meeting Rob, I witnessed his genuine concern for the community and his dedication to providing housing for all. Initially, my collaboration began with Justine Petersen through real estate and housing.

As our partnership evolved, I realized that we not only had the capacity to provide housing but also to support businesses and improve credit. This vision materialized through the various programs we offer today.

Together, we've served as a driving force in the community, contributing to its stability by empowering small businesses. My motivation is crystal clear: to be a resource for the BIPOC community and to envision a brighter future for those seeking advancement in housing, business, and credit.