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Number 268                      April 5, 2024                            St. Louis

Transformative $2.29 Billion Grant Fuels Clean Energy Community Investment

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In a groundbreaking development, the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN), renowned as the foremost investment intermediary and coalition of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), has been designated as a recipient of a significant award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

OFN’s selection for this prestigious award heralds a crucial stride forward in their unwavering commitment to combat the climate crisis, foster environmental equity, and bolster access to crucial capital in underprivileged communities nationwide. This transformative grant not only signifies a landmark moment for OFN but also underscores the critical role of CDFIs in driving inclusive economic growth while tackling pressing environmental challenges.

Justine PETERSEN, a distinguished member of OFN, stands proudly alongside the network in this remarkable endeavor, poised to contribute significantly to the realization of clean energy initiatives and the promotion of sustainable development practices.

For more information, please refer to the official news release below.

Opportunity Finance Network Selected to Receive Historic $2.29 Billion Grant for Clean Energy Community Investments

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Join host Tristan Brown as he delves into the transformative power of microloans, amplifying the voices of individuals who have utilized these funds to kickstart or propel their small businesses forward. Through enlightening discussions, we explore how these modest yet mighty financial tools fuel dreams, foster innovation, and empower entrepreneurs to seize opportunities and carve their paths to success. Tune in as we unravel inspiring stories of resilience, creativity, and triumph, showcasing the profound impact that microloans wield in fostering economic empowerment and fostering vibrant communities worldwide.

Here are a few words from our host. “Since joining Justine Petersen in 2021, I’ve fully embraced our mission of connecting institutional resources to historically underserved populations. Through our work, we’ve touched countless lives and created better futures across Illinois. I’m excited to spotlight the impactful stories of the businesses and families we’ve supported, encouraging others in need to reach out for assistance. Our goal is to meet individuals where they are in their financial journey, providing guidance, education, and resources. The stories shared through our microloan program are real-life journeys, showcasing the resilience of entrepreneurs and reminding viewers that they’re not alone. Justine Petersen and the wider business community stand ready to assist in any way we can.” – Tristan Brown

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A Culinary Triumph: The Inaugural All Kitchen Celebration

March 29th, 2024 would mark the inaugural All Kitchen Celebration marked a resounding success, leaving attendees buzzing with delight over the delectable food, impeccable morale, and positive vibes that permeated the event. Hosted by the innovative minds behind Greencubator, this culinary extravaganza was a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity in the kitchen.

The event showcased a lineup of culinary talents that left taste buds tingling and hearts full of appreciation. Among the esteemed participants were Mister Hand Pie, Mylk & Hummus, Taberu, Field To Fire, and Fat Fox, each bringing their unique flair and flavor to the table.

Mister Hand Pie wowed guests with their savory handheld creations, while Mylk & Hummus tantalized palates with their plant-based delights. Taberu showcased the artistry of Japanese cuisine, while Field To Fire highlighted the beauty of locally sourced ingredients. And last but certainly not least, Fat Fox delighted with their indulgent treats, leaving everyone craving for more.

But beyond the exceptional food, what truly made the All Kitchen Celebration a standout event was the atmosphere of camaraderie and support fostered by Greencubator. From budding entrepreneurs to seasoned chefs, everyone came together to celebrate the joys of food and community.

As the evening unfolded, it became evident that the success of the event was a testament to the passion and dedication of all involved. Whether it was crafting the perfect hand pie or sourcing the freshest ingredients, each participant played a crucial role in making the celebration a resounding triumph.

In the end, the All Kitchen Celebration wasn’t just about food—it was about coming together to appreciate the culinary wonders created by local talents and the spirit of innovation that drives them forward. So here’s to Mister Hand Pie, Mylk & Hummus, Taberu, Field To Fire, Fat Fox, and everyone at Greencubator for making this event a night to remember. Cheers to many more culinary adventures ahead!

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