The JP UP Date: JP Receives Investment from CNB Bank

Andrew BarnesThe JP UP date

Number 242                        September 29, 2023                                   St. Louis

CNB Bank Invests $150K with JP

Justine PETERSEN is pleased to announce that CNB Bank has made a meaningful investment of $150K to allocate into JP’s existing programs. The funds will be utilized to further serve and impact small business and minority clients in the Greater St. Louis community. As a CDFI (community development financial investment institution), having strong and trusting bank partners, such as CNB Bank, allows JP to deploy safe capital for under-resourced small businesses. Riley Askew of CNB Bank (pictured below with JP CEO Rob Boyle and COO Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez) stated “I was particularly honored to lead this investment with Justine PETERSEN, as it’s an organization that truly puts their money where their mouth is. CNB strives to work with institutions aligned with our values and services. The passion Rob and Sheri at JP have for their mission and programs made evident a very well-suited partnership with CNB.” JP is indeed grateful for this partnership and looks forward to continue serving the community by making these funds accessible to our clients.

JP Board Member Shares Expertise with Clients

This past Wednesday, September 27th a number of Justine PETERSEN clients were able to gain invaluable tips and tricks on how to receive grant funding firsthand from an expert, JP Board Secretary/Member, Rochelle Bea. The event, which was hosted at JP’s headquarters, was so in-demand, spots to attend were all quickly claimed. As Founder of Beginning Futures, LLC, Rochelle (pictured below on the right) has vast experience in the area of grants, from the application process to securing funding. The first thing Rochelle wants anyone who’s applying for a grant to keep in mind is to not be intimidated by the process. While many applications may include a lot of questions or asks, they are usually straightforward. When they’re not, she encourages visiting the grant provider in-person if possible, or if it’s not to give them a call and ask questions for clarity. Also, don’t be discouraged if not everything is completely lined up; use terms like “TBD,” and “waiting to get funding for location,” “looking to hire” where appropriate. Rochelle also believes applying for a grant should not be a one-person job. “Have a team take sections to work on to pull the RFP together. For instance someone can do research, someone collects statistics, someone proofreads, etc.” In putting it together, make sure the story you’re trying to convey is authentic. Don’t feel like a story has to be made sad, as everyone loves a feel good story. Perhaps one of the most important things about the process to keep top of mind is the deadline. “Always be sure to get your application in on time. Not two minutes late, not two hours late, on time!”  When the time comes to learn about whether you qualified for the grant, if the outcome is not the desired one, do not give up. View it as an opportunity to learn for the next one. We’re grateful for Rochelle’s awesome advice and time, and look forward to learning more from her in the future!

Credit Cue: The Do’s & Don’ts of Credit Monitoring and Freezing
Contributed by Andrew Barnes and Tatiana Gillum

Credit monitoring and credit freezes are essential tools for protecting your financial well-being and identity. Here are the do’s and don’ts for both:

Credit Monitoring

  1. Regularly check your credit reports: Monitor your credit reports from all three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) at least once a year. You can get free annual reports from
  2. Review statements and bills: Carefully review your monthly credit card and bank statements for any unauthorized or suspicious transactions.


  1. Share personal information unnecessarily: Be cautious about sharing personal and financial information, especially online or over the phone, unless you’re sure of the recipient’s legitimacy.
  2. Ignore alerts: If you receive an alert about suspicious activity on your credit report, promptly investigate it. Don’t assume it’s a false alarm.

Credit Freezing

  1. Consider a credit freeze: If you’re not actively seeking credit, consider placing a credit freeze on your credit reports. This restricts access to your credit information and prevents new accounts from being opened in your name.


  1. Assume complete protection: While a credit freeze provides strong protection, it won’t prevent all forms of identity theft, such as tax fraud or account takeovers. Continue to monitor your financial accounts and be vigilant.

Remember that a combination of credit monitoring and credit freezes can enhance your overall financial security. These steps can help you detect and prevent identify theft and unauthorized credit activity, but they are most effective when used together with other good financial practices, like regularly checking your statements and maintaining strong passwords. To learn more about how to take these steps and others with your credit, schedule time with Justine PETERSEN Asset Building Manager, Tatiana Gillum.

Unity Fest Happening This Weekend

Last month Delmar Main Street’s Black Business Expo unfortunately had to take a rain check due to bad weather. With 70 amazing vendors that includes entertainment and food trucks, there was no way they were going to wait too long to celebrate. This weekend they will be partnering with Better Family Life for Unity Fest at the Better Family Life Cultural Center (5415 Page Blvd. 63112). Make sure to stop by for all of those great vendors, and a free concert from Nando STL!

Flashback Friday

In honor of the recent 20th anniversary of Murphy Lee’s album “The Murphy Lee Experience,” Justine PETERSEN is flashing back to last Summer 2022 when Murphy Lee and Kyjuan performed at our 25th Anniversary Block Party! We’re grateful for all Murphy Lee does for the community.

Grants Available for North St. Louis Small Business and Non-Profits
Applications are now open for the North St. Louis Small Business and Non-Profit Grant Program. The program, through St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) intends to reverse the the impact of disinvestment in this particular geographic area by disbursing $37 million of Coronavirus State and Local Recovery Funds (SLFRF). Interested applicants should visit this website

Resources Available for Missouri Tenants

Mortgage Assistance for Illinois Homeowners

As a HUD certified counseling agency, Justine PETERSEN is here to support. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about mortgage assistance and the application process to contact us by emailing All applications must be in by October 31st. More information can also be found here.

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