Rochelle Bea

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GLC Trucking, LLC was established in 2020 and officially started in Jan 2021. The business is solely owned by Rochelle Bea. Since the business was created, GLC has 5 employees now, has established a working partnership with Amazon DPS and Amazon Relay, and has active contracts in the Missouri/Illinois area. GLC also secured a contract with the First Capital Carrier Services Company and is delivering general freights at 2 shifts for both Amazon and First Capital Carrier Services.

Rochelle Bea has been a client of Justine PETERSEN since 2008 for her 3 separate businesses: Beginning Futures Daycare, R&R Properties, and GLC Trucking. This time, Rochelle received a Grow with Google loan that will be used to assist GLC Trucking to purchase a new truck so that Rochelle can stop leasing any vehicles. Also, funds will be used as working capital to allow the business to pay taxes, registration, insurance, and fuel for the new truck.