James Boatright

Katie ArnoldSmall Business, Success Stories

Big J Soul’s BBQ & More, LLC is a brand new start-up business by James Boatright. Mr. Boatright originally planned to start a BBQ restaurant in 2020, but he paused the business when COVID hit in March of 2020. Now, he wants to start the business with a food truck vs. brick-and-mortar restaurant, as in the current environment, food trucks have proven to be a growing field in St. Louis Market.

James Boatright brings 28 years of experience in the field, from managing a catering company with his father to training under some of the greatest grill masters in the business. Mr. Boatright has also appeared in a reality television BBQ competition on Netflix, American BBQ Showdown.

James obtained a Community Advantage loan from Justine PETERSEN in 2021 to help the business purchase the 2020 Kitchen Food Concession Trailer. Also, limited working capital is being used for start-up expenses and to purchase all required supplies and inventory. Big J Soul’s BBQ & More will primarily offer a combination of both North and South style BBQ off the grill with a Midwest touch. Also, the food truck will feature traditional North American entries such as hamburgers, fries, chicken, and fish, both hot and cold deli-style sandwiches. They also plan to produce and sell their authentic BBQ sauces, rubs, and glazes and periodically expand their menus to take advantage of seasonal items and current trends.