The JP UP date: JP meets with Sen Hawley’s Office to Advance Rural Lending

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 38                                October 18, 2019                                            St. Louis

JP and Senator Hawley’s Office Meet to Advance Small Business Lending in Rural MO

Robert Boyle, CEO and Founder of Justine PETERSEN, met with Clayton Campbell, District Director of Senator Josh Hawley’s Springfield, MO office to discuss strategies to increase small business lending in rural Missouri. Senator Hawley sits on the Senate’s Small Business Committee and is committed to advancing the interests of small businesses throughout rural MO.

Robert and Clayton discussed the opportunity to ramp up SBA Community Advantage lending, in addition to the SBA microloan program and the USDA program. Also discussed, were ways to incentivize bank, philanthropic, and private investment into CDFIs (Community Development Financial Institutions), that can in turn, deploy funds to small businesses in need throughout the state of Missouri. Justine PETERSEN is excited to further explore options along with Senator Halwey’s office.

Justine PETERSEN Recognizes National Small Business Women’s Month

October is National SMall Business Women’s Month, and UP date is featuring a JP small business client each week. Terika Green welcomes you to her kingdom! As the proud proprietor of Crystal Kingdom, Terika practices crystal healing, crafts custom crystal jewelry, and sells an abundance of other tantalizing products.

It is not too early to put in an order for this upcoming holiday season. Please call Terika at 314-258-7429 or email her at

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Justine PETERSEN Staff Attend Annual Mayor’s Business Celebration Luncheon

Every fall, JP staffers look forward to attending the annual Mayor’s Business Celebration Luncheon in downtown St. Louis. What an amazing event! Year after year, businesses that anchor neighborhoods throughout the city are recognized and honored. As an ardent supporter of local businesses, Justine PETERSEN is proud to celebrate the many diverse and dynamic small businesses that serve our community from daycares to auto mechanics. A strong city is built upon strong businesses. Hats off to STL small businesses.

Sitting Down on the Job

The power of weekly newsletters! Especially those that come out on Fridays!!! In addition to the JP UP date, Community Builders Network of Metro St. Louis cranks out a very extensive and engaging newsletter every friday, and last friday it listed that fellow CBN member North Newstead Association had 11 office chairs to donate. JP staffer Tamra seized the opportunity, and with the help of North Newstead staffer Constance Siu, those chairs are now in use at the JP main office at 1023 N. Grand. The power of partnerships! Tangible results! THANK YOU NORTH NEWSTEAD.