Stephanie and Kelton Slay

Katie ArnoldSmall Business, Success Stories

Stephanie and Kelton Slay had a successful plumbing business, with jobs coming in left and right. However, even though they had multiple jobs always on their plate, they were struggling to come up with the capital to pay the contractors their bids upfront. They had the jobs, but didn’t have the money to pay to have them completed. They hopped from bank to bank, and kept getting rejected. Additionally, Kelton and Stephanie didn’t feel comfortable putting all of their personal financial information into the hands of strangers only to be denied repeatedly. The Slays felt defeated, they had a successful business but couldn’t secure the working capital to keep the jobs they had coming in.
The Slays heard about Justine PETERSEN through a mutual friend and came to JP to find out if they could help them figure out how to keep their business afloat. After meeting with two of our loan counselors, they were able to secure a loan from our contractor loan fund. They also were able to get valuable technical assistance that allowed them the knowledge to grow their business even further than they thought possible. Once they were able to gain access to working capital, they could pay their contractors upfront for the jobs they had coming in the door so quickly. They finally had the financial security to successfully complete their projects and allow their small business to flourish. Justine PETERSEN not only afforded the Slays the money for their plumbing business to grow, but the information on how to be prosperous business owners and expanded their services even further than they had thought possible.