The JP UP Date: Mental and Financial Well-Being

Andrew BarnesThe JP UP date


Number 276                      May 31, 2024                            St. Louis


Make Financial and Mental Health a Priority This Year!

Nurturing Mental and Financial Health: A Path to a Brighter Future

Stress is a common factor in most lives, affecting us from a young age. From learning to use the toilet at the early age of two to deciding which university to attend, stress is an ever-present companion. Unfortunately, one of the most persistent stressors in adulthood is money. How one decides how to manage their money, which bills to pay first, or what vacations to take, can all contribute to financial stress. In turn, this can take a significant toll on our mental health.

The link between mental health and financial well-being is undeniable. Meghan Greene and Riya Patil, authors of Understanding the Mental-Financial Health Connection, explain, “Some research indicates that, concerning socioeconomic status and mental health, the relationship is likely bidirectional – that is, the relationship travels both ways. Another study found that financial distress is a predictor for depression and vice versa. However, at least one study on debt and depressive symptoms suggests that debt can lead to depressive symptoms, rather than the other way around.” (Greene, Patil 2023)

Understanding this connection is crucial because it highlights the importance of addressing both mental and financial health simultaneously. When financial stress is managed, it can lead to improved mental well-being, creating a positive feedback loop that enhances overall quality of life.

Empowering Your Financial Journey

At Justine PETERSEN, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a brighter future. Our products were created to alleviate financial burden and empower you to take control of your financial health. One of our flagship tools, My Credit Compass, is specifically designed to guide you in improving your credit score and navigating the complex world of personal finance.

How My Credit Compass Can Help You

  1. Personalized Guidance: My Credit Compass provides tailored advice based on your unique financial situation. It helps you understand where you currently stand and what steps you can take to improve your credit score.
  2. Actionable Insights: With clear goals, My Credit Compass makes it easy to prioritize tasks that will have the most significant impact on your financial health. Whether it is paying down debt, disputing inaccuracies on your credit report, or building a history of on-time payments, our tool guides you every step of the way.
  3. Supportive Community: Access to our network of credit-building counselors means you are never alone on your financial journey. Our counselors are ready to provide expert advice, answer your questions, and offer the encouragement you need to stay on track.

Seeking Help is a Sign of Strength

It is important to remember that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. As you would consult a doctor for physical health issues, consulting a financial counselor can be an essential step forward in improving your financial and mental well-being. Our credit-building counselors are here to support you, providing the tools and guidance necessary to overcome financial challenges and reduce stress.

A Brighter Future Awaits

By taking the right steps to manage your financial health, you can reduce stress and improve your overall quality of life. Utilizing tools like My Credit Compass and seeking guidance from our dedicated credit-building counselors can set you on a path to financial stability and mental well-being. Remember, a brighter future is within your reach, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Together, let us navigate to a healthier future filled with financial security and peace of mind. Reach out today and discover how our products and services can make a difference in your life.

To read their full article, please refer to Understanding the Mental-Financial Health Connection

To get started with My Credit Compass, click here or if you have questions, send an email to Cameron Stuhl at 


Employee of the Month!

Let us give a HUGE congratulations to Samantha O’Rourke for being the Employee of the Month for June!!!!!

We want to take some time to acknowledge one of the employees who has been an amazing asset to our organization since the day she started. We appreciate everything that she does and will continue to do!


The North County Innovation Center Will Host a Homeowners Initiative Event on June 1st, 2024!

Join us tomorrow June 1st, 2024 at 9:00 AM for an important information-gathering session for potential cohort members. During this meeting, we will collect credit and marketing release forms, verify income through W-2s or recent paychecks, and discuss the commitment required for program participation. This process ensures that we can customize the program to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each participant

In addition, you will have the opportunity to engage with our distinguished speakers, friends of the North County Innovative Center and Justine PETERSEN, as they share their insights and experiences in promoting homeownership.

To register, click here. We look forward to seeing you there!


The Kitchen Party Pop-Up Was a GREAT Success!

Preston of Mister Hand Pie

What a great time at St. Louis’ Greencubator’s kitchen pop-up this past Memorial Day weekend.

Elizabeth B. eating Red Hot Riplets Mac N Cheese. (left) Megan of Mister Hand Pie. (right)

Our friends Mister Hand Pie,   Mylk and Hummus, and Field To Fire teamed up for an epic pop-up event this past weekend, beating out the rain for a beautiful, sunny day.

There were food, games, and live music. If you missed out, you can find them at local farmers markets such as Rockwell Beer Garden in   Francis Park on Thursdays starting at 4:00 P.M.,  Tower Grove Farmers Market,   and anytime at Fresh Thyme Markets and Straub’s.

Corned Beef Hash Poutine                                                                 Jalapeno Cornbread


The Newbie Inquisitor!


Juneteenth Run: Race For Reconciliation!

Join us at the Delmar Loop for an unforgettable Juneteenth Celebration on June 15th! Celebrate freedom and community with us as University City and St. Louis City come together, alongside Delmar Main Street and the St. Louis Reconciliation Network. Enjoy a 5K morning run, an afternoon vendor fair, and an evening celebration with African dancers, drummers, musicians, and a car show. Don’t miss this vibrant festival of unity and diversity!

To learn more and to sign up for the event, click here The Delmar Loop.


The WeatherUP Loan is Here for You!

With our WeatherUp Loan program, you can begin transforming your home into an eco-friendly haven, contributing to a brighter future for everyone in your community. Discover more details below for a sustainable and impactful initiative.

Click here to begin your application today!

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