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Number 271                      April 26, 2024                            St. Louis


April is National Fair Housing Month!!


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Honoring Fair Housing Trailblazers: Celebrating Progress, Pledging for More

As we approach the end of April, we are reminded of those who have worked tirelessly to pave the way towards fair housing. From the inception of the National Fair Housing Act of 1968 to the ongoing mission of building inclusive communities, each step, each voice, and each action has contributed to the progress we stand upon today.

Building inclusive communities requires empathy, understanding, and the willingness to confront systemic barriers. The contributions of trailblazers, past and present, have paved the way for this journey. Let us honor their legacy by reaffirming our commitment to creating a world where everyone has a place to call home.

Together, we can carry the torch of justice, equality, and inclusion with unwavering resolve. Let us never lose sight of the profound truth that a future where fair housing is not just a dream but a reality for all is possible.

It’s the Final Week of NFHA!
We take a look at being responsible with AI

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Advancing Civil Rights in the Digital Age: NFHA’s Journey in Responsible AI for Housing Equity

The National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) was established to combat discriminatory automated systems in housing and financial services. As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in civil rights, NFHA launched its Responsible AI Lab, led by Dr. Michael Akinwumi, to address this critical issue. The lab is dedicated to exploring five key pillars: Tech Equity, Privacy, Explainability, Reliability, and Controllability. Through research and advocacy, NFHA has been able to contribute to various initiatives that help promote responsible AI use in housing, such as the White House’s AI Bill of Rights and the development of auditing frameworks.

Since the launch of its Responsible AI work, NFHA has been actively involved in creating technical and policy solutions that can help advance responsible technology use in housing. The organization has initiated several notable initiatives, including the White House’s AI Bill of Rights, the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Risk Management Framework, and the development of a state-of-the-art framework for auditing algorithmic systems. Through these efforts, NFHA continues to champion equitable access to housing and combat discrimination in automated systems.

In conclusion, NFHA’s Responsible AI Lab is a vital resource for those looking to combat discrimination in automated systems and promote responsible AI use in the housing sector. Its commitment to exploring key pillars such as tech equity and privacy, combined with its advocacy and research, has helped to create technical and policy solutions that are making a difference in the fight against discrimination.

To read more, go to the Responsible AI Lab through



Early Giving for Give STL Day Has Begun! 

Justine PETERSEN is a community-focused organization that takes pride in making a difference. They understand that community isn’t just a word, it’s a heartbeat that drives their initiatives and inspires smiles along the way. Justine PETERSEN’s education empowerment is awe-inspiring, with its ability to ignite all minds and shape bright futures through workshops and resource provision.

Join us on this wonderful day of giving and be part of the team spreading love and building a better tomorrow, one action at a time. Make sure you seize this opportunity to donate to your preferred nonprofit a few days ahead of time! Every $50 goes to enhancing our credit-building program, which enriches our community.

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Rochelle Bea: Champion of Early Childhood Education, Honored in St. Louis!

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It is with great honor that we announce the nomination of Rochelle Bea, Program Director of Beginning Futures Learning Center, as an Early Childhood Education Champion for the 2024 Early Educators Appreciation Event in St. Louis. Her colleagues, particularly Lisa Scheer, Director of Baden Christian Child Care Center, have recognized Rochelle for her unwavering dedication to creating safe and nurturing environments for children and families. She has extended her support beyond her own center to assist other educators and providers in the community. Rochelle invests her time, energy, expertise, and love into others in the field of early childhood education and is known for her commitment to mentoring and providing emotional support during challenging times. Her colleagues celebrate her achievements and praise her for going above and beyond to support them.

To read more and see more nominations, please visit Early Educators Appreciation Event St. Louis.



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