The JP UP Date: Celebrate Fair Housing Month with Your Community

Amy JungThe JP UP date


Number 269                      April 12, 2024                            St. Louis


April is National Fair Housing Month!!

Photo courtesy of National Fair Housing Alliance


In commemorating the National Fair Housing Act’s signing on April 11th, 1968, its impact reverberates through our nation, underscoring the ongoing significance of its principles. At Justine PETERSEN, our passion for empowering individuals to secure their first homes fuels our commitment to affirmative action. Amidst refusals, we champion acceptance, enriching lives and kindling enduring smiles. This week, our focus pivots towards nurturing an inclusive community ethos.

Inclusivity transcends mere tolerance; it embodies a culture of genuine appreciation and unwavering support for all, irrespective of differences. Within such a milieu, diversity isn’t merely recognized; it’s exalted. The concerted efforts are aimed at dismantling barriers, ensuring equitable access to opportunities, and fostering a profound sense of belonging regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other distinguishing trait.

Inclusive communities, by design, cultivate empathy, comprehension, and collaboration among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Such endeavors not only fortify societal fabric but also imbue it with resilience and vitality. Thus, let us renew our dedication to fostering inclusive communities, for therein lies the blueprint for a brighter, more harmonious future.



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Justine PETERSEN Team Members Attend Just Economy Conference, Bringing Inspiration and Ideas Back Home.

Two members of the development team at Justine PETERSEN recently had the privilege of attending the Just Economy conference in the nation’s capital. Willie Jordan and Andrew Barnes had more than a mouthful to say. As this was his first time attending, Andrew described the experience as “very inspiring and extremely informational,” highlighting the wealth of new ideas it offered for their organization.

Andrew Barnes at the first General Session


The NCRC Just Economy Conference stands as a premier national event, drawing together community leaders, businesses, foundations, policymakers, and government officials. Its mission? To not only promise but actively deliver opportunities for all Americans to build wealth and thrive. This year’s gathering brought together national and local luminaries, visionaries, and changemakers to network, share insights, and tackle the tough questions that will shape a brighter future for all. (

Willie Jordan, another attendee from Justine PETERSEN, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, particularly noting the fortuitous timing. The conference coincided with Justine PETERSEN’s receipt of the Fair Housing Initiatives Programs Grant, amplifying the impact of the insights gained. “This conference could not have come at a better time!” exclaimed Willie, underlining the value of networking opportunities and the chance to learn from the experiences of other nonprofits across the United States and Canada.

Rohit Chopra (left) Director of CFPB and Willie Jordan (right)

The Just Economy conference provided an invaluable platform for Justine PETERSEN team members to engage with peers, exchange knowledge, and return home armed with fresh perspectives and strategies. As they reflect on their experiences and integrate newfound insights into their work, the ripple effects of their attendance promise to enhance Justine PETERSEN’s mission of empowering individuals and communities to achieve financial well-being.

To learn more about the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, click here.

Andrew Barnes (right) and Willie Jordan (left) stopping to strike a pose


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