The JP UP Date: Black History Month!

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Number 259                       February 2, 2024                            St. Louis


February is Black History Month

Black History Month celebrates the rich heritage, resilience, and contributions of Black people throughout history. It emphasizes education, awareness, and celebration of Black culture and achievements, honoring trailblazers and icons who have made significant impacts in various fields. Rooted in the struggles against racial oppression and injustice, Black History Month reflects on the history and cultural legacy of the Black community, inspiring empowerment, unity, and advocacy for racial equity and social justice. It encompasses diverse experiences, traditions, and voices, highlighting the importance of recognizing and amplifying the contributions of Black individuals and communities to global culture and progress.

The influences of movements like Black Power and Black Lives Matter have further shaped the cultural landscape, inspiring activism, solidarity, and cultural expression within Black communities and beyond. These movements have raised awareness about systemic racism, police brutality, and the ongoing struggle for racial justice, emphasizing the importance of empowerment, resistance, and centering Black voices and experiences in discussions about social change. Famous figures of Black History Month, ranging from civil rights leaders to artists and athletes, have left a lasting impact on society, inspiring generations with their achievements, resilience, and advocacy for equality and justice, contributing to the ongoing legacy of Black excellence and empowerment.

Each week, we’ll highlight a narrative showcasing a local hero or notable figure who has made significant contributions to the advancement of African Americans.

This week, we look at Percy Green.

Percy Green emerged as a prominent advocate for civil rights, espousing nonviolent tactics in his activism. Formerly associated with the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), he later founded another civil rights group called ACTION.

Throughout the civil rights movement, Green and his organization spearheaded numerous demonstrations. Notably, his role in the landmark case Green vs. McDonnell Douglas proved pivotal in establishing “prima facie” evidence as a potent weapon against racial discrimination.

In 1978, Green authored “Why You Must Raise Hell,” a comprehensive document showcasing ACTION’s endeavors from 1970 to 1976 through newspaper clippings, highlighting the organization’s impactful activities.

St. Louis History Preservation 

For more information on Percy Green and interviews, check out stlpr NPR

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