January 24th Lunch & Learn Tax-Free Retirement with Cameron Hornberger

Andrew BarnesJP Lunch and Learn

Justine Petersen and Carmen Hornberger conducted the first Lunch and Learn of 2024 on January 24th. The primary focus for this session was Tax-Free retirement planning. Ms. Hornberger emphasized the importance of understanding indexing and its role in investment, the need to know the amount of money needed for retirement before taxes, and the financial challenges faced by Americans. Carmen proposed a solution called the Tax Free Retirement Account, which she claimed could provide an extra $250,000 in tax-free income at retirement. She also discussed the risks of pension plans and the impact of the 401K system on retirees, and suggested a better way to save for retirement. Carmen also presented a strategy to avoid market risk by indexing and proposed a strategy that involves using specific IRS-sanctioned tax advantages given to life insurance vehicles to create tax-free income. Here is a little clip of the session. Enjoy!