The JP UP Date: Jim Roos is JP’s 2023 Lifetime Achievement Awardee!🙌

Andrew BarnesThe JP UP date

Number 257                       January 19, 2024                            St. Louis

Justine PETERSEN Recognizes Jim Roos of SITO as JP’s 2023 Lifetime Achievement Awardee!

As a longtime friend of Justine PETERSEN, it is an honor to witness Jim Roos (pictured here on the right, with his wife Judy Roos (center) and JP’s C.E.O. Robert Boyle (Left)) receive this lifetime achievement award for his outstanding work. Jim Roos brings more than 50 years of expertise in serving low-income communities in St. Louis through targeted rehabilitation and property management. In 1992, he established Sanctuary In The Ordinary (SITO), a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the availability of affordable rental units. The core concept behind SITO is to offer a “sanctuary”—a secure and welcoming home for individuals with limited financial means.

Join JP for Our January Lunch & Learn, 1/24

Just a few days left until the first Lunch & Learn of 2024! Justine PETERSEN is excited to partner with Benefits To Go CEO, Carmen Hornberger, to bring a Lunch & Learn that will make you a little more interested in taxes. Carmen’s presentation will focus on retirement, and how to make it tax-free for you. We hope you’ll join us by registering for this free virtual event here.


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The BALSA Foundation Grant Application Is Open

Do you possess an exceptional business plan or innovative idea? The BALSA Foundation is offering a grant that you can apply for! Visit their application page to get started today.

Welcome to the Team Neenah Rafiqi!!!

We are thrilled to welcome Neenah to our Springfield team and look forward to the incredible journey ahead. Neenah’s decision to explore a new career opportunity with us reflects not only her professional aspirations but also her commitment to making a positive impact on the community. At Justine PETERSEN, we believe in the power of financial empowerment and community development, and we are confident that her passion for helping people aligns seamlessly with our mission.

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