The JP UP Date: Your Voice Matters This Tuesday

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 195                      November 4, 2022                                   St. Louis

Vote on Tuesday. Exercise Your Right. Proclaim Your Voice.

It’s this simple. Justine PETERSEN includes in its core values statement the following:

“We are proactive and responsive to the needs of the community and the people we serve.”

And to further this end, we must ask all those in the community to uphold our democracy by voting for candidates who unequivocally believe in free and fair elections this Tuesday, November 8th.

Because we all deserve from our leaders: accountability, courage, truth, and a start to preventing all violence.

See you at the polls this Tuesday.

Consumers Council of Missouri to Celebrate and Honor Community Sunday, 11/13 Through Fundraiser
On Sunday, November 13th the Consumers Council of Missouri will be hosting a fundraiser at the Ethical Society of Missouri. Centered around Building Equity and Healthy Communities money raised from the event will go towards advocacy of consumers’ interests, with a particular focus on health insurance, personal finances, and utilities. The event, which starts at 4pm, will be hosted by Sarah Fenske who is the former host of St. Louis Public Radio’s St. Louis on the Air and the current Executive Editor of Euclid Media Group. The lineup will include a panel discussion, in addition to awards, and of course appetizers and drinks. To attend this event and support the excellent work of the Consumers Council, please register here.

Lunch & Learn with BATman Himself!

The mission of Justine PETERSEN’s Business Assistance Team (BAT) is to scale our small business clients to profitability. With so many variables that go into that it can become difficult to balance alongside of the business’ day-to-day. So BATman, a.k.a. Business Assistance Manager Marcus Bolden, is back to save the day! Specifically the day of Wednesday, November 9th at 12pm for a Lunch & Learn: Beyond the Closing. We welcome both current and potential clients to join this Zoom in learning more about compliancy, goal and revenue planning, and bankability. Attendees can expect to know “how to manage a P&L statement to how to utilize that in filing taxes, and have an understanding of the importance in reporting to financial institutions. “We want to put the whole picture together of where your funds should be going and how to track them so you can secure additional capital and get into mainstream banking,” says Marcus. Register today and be ready to expand your toolkit!