The JP UP Date: Aspen Institute’s “Shared Success” Pilot Project

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 191                      October 7, 2022                                   St. Louis

Aspen Institute Selects Justine PETERSEN as One of 10 CDFIs for Pilot Project

Justine PETERSEN received the great distinction of being named a participating partner in the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities program Shared Success: scaling financial intermediary strategies to advance job quality, equity, and small business prosperity. JP’s work in this project will include highlighting the need to improve benefits and wages, among other factors, when providing financial services to clients. The Aspen Institute cites that “nearly 60% of low-wage workers work at businesses with fewer than 100 employees, including the 35% of low-wage workers at micro-businesses with fewer than 10 employees. BIPOC workers are disproportionately affected by these numbers.” The mission, services, and client base within JP fit squarely into this effort. As such, JP is excited to be joining the Aspen Institute, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to make an even greater impact for BIPOC workers.

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Barbara Ewing

Justine PETERSEN is delighted to welcome Barbara Ewing to our DRIVE team as Asset Building Counselor Assistant. Barbara will be focused on assisting the DRIVE team through administering clients in the intake process and beyond, while simultaneously educating them in credit literacy. Barbara’s background in customer service and fulfillment makes her a great fit for her new role at JP, in addition to previously being a member of the JP family. When Barbara is not developing further in her career at JP she can be found dancing to her favorite music, laughing and trying new experiences; as she says “it could be anything as long as I enjoy myself and I’m around the people I love most!”

Small Business Legal Clinic Thursday, October 20. RSVP Today!

Does your small business have unanswered legal questions? Do you want the sage counsel of an attorney free of charge? Then your small business should register for our October 20th Legal Clinic. Brought to you by a concerted effort of Emerson, the Legal Services of Eastern Missouri and Justine PETERSEN, attorneys are available to meet, via a virtual format, with small business owners or would be small business owners to discuss myriad small business issues, ranging from insurance, to copyright concerns to discussing the fine print of leases and contracts.  The 30 minute sessions are pro bono and entirely confidential. RSVP today by contacting Yolanda Nelson at 314.533.2411 x118 or

25th Anniversary Block Party Pic of the Week!

This week’s pic showcases our Central Illinois “One-two punch” of Kristen Willis and Tristan Brown.  Kristen holds down the fort in Springfield, Illinois, and Tristan recently launched JP’s new office in Champaign, Illinois.  Fondly referred to as “J-PIL” (JP Illinois), they were indeed “chillin’ and illin’” at our 25th Anniversary Block Party!