The JP UP date: BJC HealthCare Investment Expands DRIVE Program

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 188                      September 16, 2022                                   St. Louis

BJC HealthCare Investment Expands Reach of JP’s DRIVE Auto Loan Refinancing Program

Justine PETERSEN is proud to announce an investment by BJC HealthCare to expand the scope of JP’s DRIVE auto refinancing loan program.  Initially seeded with grant financing by the NISA Charitable Fund, the DRIVE program is an innovative auto refinancing loan program that assists low-to-moderate income drivers realize the competitive interest rate of 6% on their car note compared to more aggressively priced financing terms that can be as high as 36%.  BJC’s investment is part of BJC’s Community Health Improvement effort which “addresses the root causes of health disparities, including improving financial health and well-being,” states Jason Purnell, BJC Vice President of Community Health Improvement.  To date, Justine PETERSEN has successfully refinanced over 25 high-interest car notes.

Join Justine PETERSEN at the Urban League’s Financial Reflection Empowerment Expo Tomorrow, September 17th!
The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis/Housing Division is hosting a Financial Empowerment Expo tomorrow, September 17th that will feature a wealth of financial resources provided by local St. Louis non-profit organizations, banks, and financial products and services providers.  Randen Click, JP’s Housing Manager, will be available to discuss the Gateway Neighborhood Fund program, an innovative home mortgage loan that addresses the appraisal gap found in some City of St. Louis neighborhoods.  The expo runs from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Wohl Recreation Center located at 1515 N. Kingshighway Blvd. in St. Louis.

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Samantha Forrest

Justine PETERSEN is pleased to welcome Samantha Forrest to our team based at JP’s City of St. Louis HQ.  As an Asset Building Counselor, Samantha will be dividing her time between JP’s DRIVE auto refinancing team and our JP HOME team, with an emphasis on embedding credit building products and services within all service delivery.  With a BS in Marketing/Sales from Missouri State University, Samantha has extensive work experience in sales and customer satisfaction. When asked what attracted her to work at JP, Samantha noted, “I enjoy working with clients to accomplish real results, and I feel like I am making an impact on their lives now and for the future.”

Welcome aboard Samantha!

25th Anniversary Block Party Pic of the Week!

A Justine PETERSEN party is not a party unless our 19th Ward Alderwoman Marlene Davis is in attendance.  Be it our annual holiday party in December or our 25th Anniversary Block Party last month, Marlene is front and center – and the life of the party!  THANK YOU MARLENE FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

Pictured is Marlene Davis with JP staffer Galen Gondolfi.