The JP UP date: CBA Fund Awards Grant and Capital Assistance

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 173                      June 3, 2022                                   St. Louis

Justine PETERSEN Receives Grant Assistance and Deployable Capital from CBA Fund to Advance Small Dollar Consumer Lending in Missouri

Justine PETERSEN recently accessed both grant assistance and deployable loan capital from CBA Fund, a CDFI administered by Credit Builders Alliance.  CBA Fund provides loan capital, capacity building grants and technical assistance to nonprofit lenders to start or grow a small dollar consumer loan program.  As part of TransUnion’s ongoing commitment to financial inclusion, the company gifted generous funding to CBA Fund to provide loan capital and capacity building grants to Justine PETERSEN, People Trust and The Fountain Fund.  With this assistance, JP will advance small dollar consumer lending to individuals throughout Missouri.

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Shannon Unnerstall

Justine PETERSEN is pleased to welcome Shannon Unnerstall as our new Director of Finance.
Shannon’s initial focus will be overseeing the implementation of JP’s new accounting software, MIP, with a goal date of July 1st. Additionally, Shannon will engage on a daily basis in the many facets that constitute the finance team, which include both internal and external-facing actors and partners.

Coming with 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector, Shannon stated that “I was excited to be part of the JP Team because of the impact our services have on the community as a whole.  I love being part of an organization that makes a difference.”

Outside of the office, Shannon enjoys spending time with my family and friends, and her favorite spring/summer activity is watching her 7 year old son, Peyton, play baseball.    Welcome aboard Shannon!  And let’s play ball!

Join Justine PETERSEN for the Black Home Ownership Caravan! Come Celebrate at the Black Wall Street Festival!

Saturday, June 25th is going to be a jam packed day of celebration and activation!
The Black Homeownership Caravan, a parade to celebrate Black Wealth and Homeownership, kicks off at 10:00 am at the Urban League Headquarters at 1408 N. Kingshighway and weaves its way through the neighborhoods of Academy Sherman Park, Kingshighway East, Kingshighway West, Hamilton Heights, Wells-Goodfellow and ultimately to the Wellston Loop.  Caravan assembly begins at 9:00 am, so bring family and friends to join us in the parade! (or, you can be a spectator and watch the parade!) In partnership with the Federation of Block Units and Young Voices with Action, Justine PETERSEN and US Bank are leading the caravan, which centers home ownership as key to wealth and financial asset-building. The Black Homeownership Caravan will create a spotlight on the importance of Black Homeownership and generational wealth building in our St. Louis City and County neighborhoods. At the Black Wall Street Festival in the Wellston Loop, participants will engage in access to homeownership resources such as down payment assistance, mortgage financing, home improvement assistance and more. Please join and rally with us in a celebration of Black Wealth and Homeownership!


JP Staffer Stephanie Slay Celebrates 5 Year Milestone!

Justine PETERSEN’s Portfolio Manager Stephanie Slay celebrated her 5 year milestone this week with our organization!  Stephanie’s tenure has witnessed both an ever growing loan portfolio and the challenges brought on by Covid. Forever patient – and with a smile – Stephanie continues to offer top-notch customer service to JP’s client base, day in and day out.  CONGRATS STEPHANIE!