The JP UP Date: Woodforest National Bank Invests $500k

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 170                      May 13, 2022                                   St. Louis

Woodforest National Bank Invests $500K in Central Illinois Small Business Lending

Longstanding Justine PETERSEN financial partner Woodforest Nation Bank has invested $500k into JP’s efforts to service central Illinois small businesses in need of access to safe, flexible and affordable capital.  Woodforest’s support will enhance JP’s small business lending activities in the  following MSAs:  Champaign/Urbana, Decatur, Peoria and Springfield.  Woodforest National Bank and Justine PETERSEN have previously worked together in deploying small business capital throughout Woodforest’s Illinois service footprint.  Justine PETERSEN is most grateful to Woodforest and eager to further assist central Illinois small businesses facing capital access challenges.

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Estelle Brueggemann

Justine PETERSEN is pleased to welcome Estelle Brueggemann to our Finance Team based at our 1023 N. Grand Blvd. office in St. Louis.  As Finance Associate, Estelle will join the team responsible for processing JP’s loan portfolio payments, which number close to 2,000 on a monthly basis.  Estelle’s specific duties include navigating both QuickBooks and TEA (The Exceptional Assistant) software, updating both financial records as well as current loan portfolio activity.  When asked about her interest in working at JP, Estelle stated, “I was immediately interested because I think it’s important to not only help with loans, but to assist with credit building and financial education to help break the cycle for low income individuals and families.  I love that I get to be part of a team that helps people.”  As for outside of the office, Estelle is a gifted “cosplayer,” crafting costumes for different characters from various media.  Check out some her cosplay costumes below!

JP Staffers Shawna Collier and Randen Click Present at U.S. Bank Home Access Symposium in Milwaukee, WI

Justine PETERSEN Chief Partnership Officer Shawna Collier and Justine PETERSEN Housing Manager Randen Click recently presented at U.S. Bank’s Access Home Symposium held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The goal of symposium was to connect and deepen relationships among U.S. Bank partners, offering the opportunity to share best practices on housing access, especially to would-be homeowners of color.  Shawna and Randen discussed JP’s multi-faceted housing program, which includes the offering of the Gateway Neighborhood Fund, a home mortgage product specifically geared to address the appraisal gap often found in low to moderate income neighborhoods.


Staff Birthdays!  Client’s Birthday! Everybody’s Birthday!!
Everybody has one! And everybody should celebrate it! This week at the office we witnessed birthdays for JP staffers Megan Cron, Franchot Cunningham and Matt Wunderlich. And, JP small business client LaTonya Collier closed on her small business loan on her birthday! So many reasons to celebrate!!!