The JP UP Date: Buena Vista National Bank Invests $250k

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 164                        April 8, 2021                                   St. Louis

Buena Vista National Bank Invests $250k to Support JP Lending Activity in Decatur, Illinois

Justine PETERSEN proudly welcomes Buena Vista National Bank as a new banking partner in central and southwestern Illinois. Headquartered in Red Bud, Illinois, BVNB’S service footprint includes branches throughout several Illinois counties, including Macon County, where Justine PETERSEN operates a Decatur-focused financial asset-building effort. BVNB’s dollars, structured as a line of credit, support JP’s asset-building lending activity which includes both small business lending and credit-building lending. Over the last two quarters alone, JP has deployed nearly $200k in capital to over 25 Decatur small businesses and residents.  We look forward to growing our partnership with BVNB in Decatur and beyond.

JP’s Shawna Collier Recognized by Start-up Nonprofit “New Avenue”

Justine PETERSEN’s Chief Partnership Officer Shawna Collier was recently recognized for her contribution to community building by the newly formed nonprofit organization “New Avenue.”  Shawna was honored with a “You Make Difference” award for her foundational support of the nascent  organization, which is “dedicated to the mental, physical, spiritual and financial enrichment of families.” New Avenue services will range from those focused on financial wellness to actual physical wellness, including workshops on fitness and meal prep bonding sessions.

Pictured with Shawna at the award ceremony are TaShauna Parker and Kalonda Cloyd of New Avenue.





Join Justine PETERSEN for Money Smart Month “Credit as an Asset” Webinar.

April is Money Smart Month, and there are SO many great seminars, workshops and webinars to attend throughout the entire month.  Join JP’s Asset-Building Manager Tatiana Gillum for “Credit as an Asset,” a webinar discussing the fundamentals of personal credit scores and strategies of credit building. Financial asset-building begins with credit building; learn why your credit score is an asset worth building, repairing and protecting.  This webinar is presented in partnership with the University Public Library. Register by clicking here.

Play Ball!  Opening Day in the Lou!

Check out this starting line-up!!!!!!!! On and off the field, and in and out of the office, JP staffers Solomon Chandler, Shawna Collier and Charles Robinson are MVP caliber and committed to the extra inning effort when need be.  In addition to celebrating opening day for the St. Louis Cardinals, staff also celebrated “National Beer Day” this past Thursday (photo documentation of that celebration, however, are not, hiccup… publishable).  GO CARDS!!!