Rita Williams

Katie ArnoldSmall Business, Success Stories

Rita Williams and her husband decided it was time to start a business on their own, Mr. William had been part of the trucking industry for over 27 years, and he was familiar with it. After several months the challenges started coming to the table; founding was the main issue since it was hard to find someone to take a chance on a small company, as Mrs. Rita recalls.

One call with Tatiana Gillum sent this couple to Justin PETERSEN’s office, where this transportation company became a reality. JP helped The Williams with the small loans program and drove them to save money and establish credit to look good to a financial institute.

This dream became a reality on February 20th, 2020, and H&D Transport LLC opened its business doors to the STL community. The next step for this small business is to continue to grow and have a total of 5 trucks in their fleet, which will be possible in the long run with JP’S guidance.