The JP UP Date: Recognizing Jackie Hutchinson

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 158                        February 18, 2021                                   St. Louis

Jackie Hutchinson: Black History Month Partnership Spotlight

Penned by Shawna Collier, Chief Partnership Officer at Justine PETERSEN, this is the third installment in a four-part series that will run each Friday in The JP UP date during Black History Month.  

I define partnership as the act of achieving with the support of others.  It’s inherently collective in nature, a concerted process that requires cooperation, mutual support and endurance.

During Black History Month, I have reflected on fellow Black practitioners who have embodied the true essence of partnership in our unified effort to narrow the racial equity gap. At the top of the list is Jackie Hutchinson. Jackie’s 40+ year career path has been an illustrious trajectory that has confronted countless battles, from statewide utility policy advocacy to local banks adherence to the Community Reinvestment Act. Jackie is currently the Executive Director of the Consumers Council of Missouri, having served as a board member since 2008 and most recently as board chair. I am proud to state that I am currently a board member of the Consumers Council of Missouri and have witnessed Jackie’s collaborative ethos and commitment to the community first hand.

Jackie previously was VP of Operations for People’s Community
Action Corporation of St. Louis. She is also a recent addition to the Justine PETERSEN Board of Directors.

Jackie leads by extending a hand.  We all benefit when we are united hand in hand – true partnership.

Microfinance Impact Collaborative Releases Small Business Lending Outlook for 2022

Justine PETERSEN is a proud member of the Microfinance Impact Collaborative (MIC), a working group comprised of six of the largest CDFI microlenders in the US. As part of the Aspen Institute’s Business Ownership Initiative (BOI), MIC works to strengthen and accelerate the efforts of US microenterprise finance organizations committed to significantly increasing the scale and impact of their work. Most recently, MIC held discussions with key funders, investors and partners on their experiences over the past two years and future expectations. We examined trends in small business activity and lending and the implications for MIC members’ work channeling capital to small businesses. Here are seven key takeaways from these discussions: small business lending outlook for 2022

Register for JP’s Next Lunch N Learn “The Importance of Accounting in Business” February 24th

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Tune in to Tristan Radio 104.5

JP staffer Tristan Brown began this work week with a 7:30 AM radio interview 104.5 WFMB in Springfield, Illinois. As part of the Springfield Sangamon Growth Alliance’s (SSGA) radio feature, Tristan was interviewed about the work JP is doing in the Springfield and Sangamon County market. The SSGA’s mission is to pursue economic prosperity and growth for the City of Springfield and Sangamon County by creating a financially sound community able to attract new businesses and skilled talent, while retaining the profitable companies and local workforce who already make Sangamon County their home. Tristan detailed JP’s Springfield Microloan Program during the interview, encouraging local small businesses to reach out to him to learn more. Listen to Tristan’s Interview here.