The JP UP Date: Celebrating Black History Month

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 156                        February 4, 2021                                   St. Louis

Black History Month Is To Be Celebrated by All: Shawna Collier Discusses the Power of Partnerships

This is the first installment in a four-part series that will run each Friday in The JP UP date during the month of February.

As a Black female practitioner who interfaces daily with the challenges faced by Black small business owners, I know first-hand how context can change everything.  And how do I define context?  People is the short answer.  People can positively change the context.   People can assert what is right.  And people can provide support.

I am the first Black member of the Senior Staff Team at Justine PETERSEN.  As Chief Partnership Officer I witness and harness the power of partnerships.  Partnerships are essentially people.

Every week during Black History Month, I will provide an installment on the power of partnerships, the power of people.

Black History Month is a celebration of people.

JP Staffer Tatiana Gillum Presents as part of Better Family Life/Center for the Acceleration of African American Business (CAAAB) Entrepreneurial Training Program

Justine PETERSEN’s Asset Building Manager Tatiana Gillum recently presented on the fundamentals of credit building as part of the Better Family Life/Center for the Acceleration of African Business (CAAAB) Entrepreneurial Training Program.  Led by Eddie Davis, President and Executive Director of CAAB, along with Carlton Jones of Better Family Life, the multi-week training program offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes guest speakers on a variety of topics, ranging from business plan development to small business financing.  Justine PETERSEN is proud to not only participate in this multi-faceted program, but is also most grateful to Eddie Davis for his service as current president of JP’s Board of Directors.

Join JP Staffer Randen Click for Home Ownership in City of STL Zoom Event Highlighting Gateway Neighborhood Fund February 7

Justine PETERSEN’s Housing Manager Randen Click will join The Watts Team of Keller Williams for a Zoom presentation discussing home ownership in the City of St. Louis February 7th at 6:00 pm. Titled “Show Me My Home St. Louis,” the virtual event will highlight the Gateway Neighborhood Fund which provides a solution for homes that face an “appraisal gap” as it relates to their market value.  Local St. Louis banks are participating as mortgage lenders.  Learn more by registering here.

Bruce Bullamore of Decatur, IL:
50+ Years of Community Planning
Bruce Bullomore is just getting started – sort of.  After 50+ years as an urban planner on the east coast, Canada and Decatur, IL, he is now “retired” and working with a community-based effort that includes the “getting things done team” of Bennie Smith and John Russell.  This power trio is focusing on a comprehensive vision for Decatur neighborhoods that includes housing rehab, commercial revitalization and job creation.  Stay tuned as we provide future updates on how Justine PETERSEN is partnering with stakeholders like Bruce in the Decatur market and beyond.