The JP UP Date: $200MM Deployed Milestone

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 154                        January 21, 2021                                   St. Louis

Justine PETERSEN Tops $200MM Deployed Historically

Justine PETERSEN continued robust lending throughout 2021 to both small businesses and consumers.  In total, JP closed over 1,000 lending transactions in 2021, deploying over $25MM throughout our footprint which includes the state of Missouri, 73 counties in Illinois and 29 counties in eastern Kansas.

With the close of 2021, Justine PETERSEN topped the milestone of $200MM deployed in the history of the organization.  In addition to offering the SBA Microloan and Community Advantage Loan products, in 2021 JP also deployed funds through the Wells Fargo “Open for Business” program and “Grow with Google,” where Black owned businesses were prioritized.

JP Chief Operating Officer Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez Featured in Lenderfit Spotlight Series

Justine PETERSEN Chief Operating Officer Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez was recently featured as part of the Spotlight Series offered by Lenderfit, a cloud-based loan origination software. Sheri discussed JP’s recent adoption of the Lenderfit platform, which is tailored to assist community development financial institutions (CDFIs) in offering a comprehensive, multi-faceted loan application process, from document collection to underwriting. Lenderfit is gaining momentum nationally with CDFIs.  Check out Sheri’s profile by clicking here.

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Lyman Dustin Bateman

Justine PETERSEN welcomes Lyman Dustin Bateman to our Finance Team. As Finance Associate, Dustin’s daily duties will find him navigating among varied financial databases, executing ACH activities with our numerous bank partners and providing as needed support in crunch times as it relates to payment servicing and processing. Dustin comes to Justine PETERSEN with extensive experience with local non-profits at both the director and management levels.

When asked why he wanted to join Justine PETERSEN, Dustin stated, “Working in a non-profit has always been more fulfilling.  It gives me the opportunity to help make a difference while still being able to make the money we all need to survive!”  As for Dustin’s time out of the office, he enjoys spending time with his daughter, engaging in animation video production and developing a virtual reality system geared toward aiding the elderly.  Welcome aboard Dustin!

Let it Snow!

JP marketing and communications wunderkind Maria Fernanda Gomez seems to always host her visiting parents from Venezuela in the coldest months of STL weather!  This year’s visit even included snow – an incredibly rare experience for her parents who reside much closer to the equator.  Pictured in the STL snow is Maria Fernanda’s mother Maria Teresa with their family dog Bella.