The JP UP date: Simmons Bank Contribution

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 152                        January 7, 2021                                   St. Louis

Simmons Bank Contributes to JP’s Asset-Building Mission

Justine PETERSEN is grateful for our multi-faceted partnership with Simmons Bank. Most recently, Simmons Bank presented Justine PETERSEN with a monetary contribution to advance our holistic, human-centered, financial asset-building mission which seeks to understand and respond to individual financial problems from a nuanced and tailored specific problem solving perspective and methodology.  Simmons Bank is a participant and investor in JP’s Minority and Small Business Contractor Loan Fund, operates a loan production office housed at JP’s office at 1023 N. Grand Blvd. in St. Louis, and Allan Ivie of Simmons Bank sits on our board of directors and heads our finance committee.  Simmons Bank embodies the type of kinetic partnership that moves both communities forward and the social practice of community development finance.  Justine PETERSEN is most grateful
Pictured are Clayton Evans of Simmons Bank and Robert Boyle, Founder and CEO of Justine PETERSEN.

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Tatiana Gillum
Justine PETERSEN is excited to welcome Tatiana Gillum to our Asset Building Team.  As Asset-Building manager, Tatiana will galvanize our asset-building team on all fronts, from one-on-one client service delivery to community engagement.  Tatiana is a seasoned veteran in the financial services field, with firsthand experience in management, underwriting, operations, leadership and team development.  When asked what attracted her to JP, Tatiana stated, “I wanted to work for JP because I knew that I could reach the community more and share my wealth of knowledge in the financial industry.  JP helps the community to the fullest, and I wanted to be part of making a difference.”  Outside of work, Tatiana enjoys trying out new restaurants, listening to music and most of all, creating memories with her family.  Welcome aboard Tatiana!

Justine PETERSEN Earns 2022 Accredited Charity Status by Better Business Bureau

Justine PETERSEN is proud to be recognized as a 2022 “Accredited Charity” by the Better Business Bureau, serving Eastern and Southwest Missouri and Southern Illinois.  Justine PETERSEN participated in a comprehensive review process that met BBB’s charity standards, “which go beyond requirements of the law and will show potential donors…that your organization is working to maintain donor confidence by being transparent and accountable.”



Linda Clark:  Omicron-proof

Be it Covid 19, the variant Omicron, or a springtime tornado, Linda Clark, JP’s Superhero Controller, will remain in control and steady the JP ship.  As evidenced in this investigative journalistic photo, Linda will allow no pile of paperwork (bills) or global pandemic get in the way of her getting things done.

Advice for the general public:  get the Linda vaccine and continue to get things done!