The JP UP Date: Springfield, IL Asset-Building Outreach

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 143                        November 05, 2021                                   St. Louis

Justine PETERSEN, City of Springfield, IL and Springfield Black Chamber Partner in Asset-Building Outreach

Justine PETERSEN, the City of Springfield, IL and the Springfield Black Chamber of Commerce are partnering to offer a comprehensive asset-building public outreach event on November 10.  Representatives from Justine PETERSEN will be joined by Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder and Dominic Watson, President & CEO of the Springfield Black Chamber of Commerce, to share information about the city’s Covid Recovery Microloan Program as well products and services that can assist in raising personal credit scores.  Moreover, home ownership will also be touched on as another tool for financial asset-building.  Denise Shields, a local Black business owner, will offer her testimonial detailing how the microloan program assisted her in establishing her food truck enterprise.  The event will be held November 10, 6:00 – 7:30 PM at the Salvation Army Community Center located at 1600 E. Clear Lake Avenue in Springfield.

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Ashley Anderson

Justine PETERSEN is pleased to welcome Ashley Anderson to our asset-building team at our 1023 N. Grand Blvd. office in St. Louis.  Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial services field to her new position as an Asset-Building Counselor.  Specifically, Ashley will launch and manage a pilot program that will refinance high interest rate auto loans found on credit reports of current JP borrowers.  Additionally, she will intake, process and close consumer loans.  When asked why she wanted to work at JP, Ashley stated, “It was an easy decision.  JP helps low to moderate income families that banks and credit unions turn away – and let’s not forget what they do for small businesses in our community.”  A small business owner herself, Ashley operates “Beauty Is WithN,” which offers handmade candles, MANdles (candles for men), body oils and more.  Ashley noted, “Beauty Is WithN is all about promoting positivity and self-awareness!”

Join JP Staffer Marcus Bolden for “Working Smarter, Not Harder, with Quickbooks” Webinar on November 22

Join JP’s Business Assistance Team (BAT) Manager Marcus Bolden for a dynamic webinar that will trumpet the merits of small businesses utilizing Quickbooks in their accounting practices. Titled “Working Smarter, Not Harder, with Quickbooks,” the webinar will offer an overview of business accounting principles, including cash flow projections and monthly accounting tasks. The webinar is free of charge and scheduled for November 22 from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Register here.

Two (J)P’s in an (Orange) Pod

JP staffers Randen Click and Galen Gondolfi “got the memo,” and proudly donned orange shirts on a recent workday in the office. Though not as structured and planned as “Orange Fridays” in the past at the JP office, Randen and Galen’s orange wardrobe commitment is poised for expansion with a little help from fellow JP staffers Shawna Collier and Nikki Wilson. Be on the look for future fashion updates!