The JP UP Date: 2020 Annual Report Now Available

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 141                         October 22, 2021                                   St. Louis

Justine PETERSEN Releases 2020 Annual Report: $32M+ Deployed

Justine PETERSEN’s 2020 annual report is now available, detailing a landmark year in small business lending.  Propelled by the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), JP deployed over $32M in total, closing nearly 1,500 loan transactions. Specific to PPP, JP deployed nearly $15M, closing 437 loans.

In addition to the number crunching and analysis, the 2020 annual report includes engaging and moving testimonials from JP clients, be they first time homeowners, small business owners or individuals committed to improving their personal credit score.  And, you can witness JP’s tangible impact in both urban and rural markets throughout Missouri, Illinois and Kansas.

Click here to page through an electronic version of our 2020 annual report.

Women’s Small Business Month Spotlight: Tendai Morris of Healthy Hair Solutions

October is National Women’s Small Business Month, and Justine PETERSEN is proud to spotlight women entrepreneurs who have realized their dreams with the assistance of Justine PETERSEN. Tendai Morris is the quintessential female entrepreneur success story – from every facet.  She has the vision, the drive, the passion, the commitment and the skill set.  Her small business, Healthy Hair Solutions, is dynamic and trailblazing. Check out the inspirational interview of Tendai by JP staffer Yolanda Robinson, the lynch pin of our BAT (Business Assistance Team), below:

JP Participates in Internal Campaign for United Way as Safety Net Nonprofit Partner

For the second consecutive year Justine PETERSEN – along with more than 160 nonprofits–  was chosen to be a Safety Net nonprofit partner of the United Way. The United Way partners with programs and nonprofits that create equitable conditions and opportunities across our region to sustain a strong safety net and make sure local people’s needs are met.

Justine PETERSEN’s work is fundamentally centered around working to meet the needs of low to moderate income people in the St. Louis region and support them on their path to prosperity. Credit building and other educational supports allow clients access to opportunity through the ability to purchase a home, access credit, and decrease the cost of lending and capital services.

Part of this partnership involves JP hosting an internal campaign for the United Way. JP hosted a campaign that lasted all week for staff members. To learn more about United Way’s impact and different ways to give to our community please click here.

Need Plans for this Weekend? Consider Adopting Kadena!!!!!

JP staffer Colleen Doyle is currently fostering the most adorable pooch – and this pooch is looking for a family to not only celebrate Halloween with this year, but every day of every year.

Introducing Kadena!  She is 2 years old and approximately 50 lbs.  She is available for adoption from CARE STL.

Kadena was found as a “stray” on a front porch and brought into the shelter nursing face and body scars. She’s healed up well — and her little white spots are endearingly referred to as “freckles.” Kadena is a HARDCORE snuggler and will require people that love to cuddle on the couch and be cuddled by a sweet dog. Calling all cuddlers and snugglers!!!!

If anyone has questions about Kadena or would like to meet her, please reach out to Colleen at or 314.341.5836 (calls or texts are fine!)