The JP UP Date: $62M Deployed To Women-Owned Businesses

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 140                         October 15, 2021                                   St. Louis

October is Women’s Business Month: Celebrate. Support. Advance.

October is Women’s Small Business Month, and at Justine PETERSEN, the spirit of female entrepreneurship is cultivated on a daily basis. Furthering the legacy of one of St. Louis’ most entrepreneurial women in the financial services industry, Justine PETERSEN the organization puts into motion the financial and technical resources necessitated by today’s marketplace to advance the interests of women small business owners. Over the last 25 years, Justine PETERSEN has deployed over $62M to women-owned businesses; $13M alone in 2020. Female entrepreneurs comprise over 54% of our lending activity. Moreover, Justine PETERSEN has been a leading SBA microlender nationally for Black women-owned businesses. This month, celebrate Women’s Business Month by supporting women-owned businesses on a daily basis.  Every dollar spent tangibly moves female entrepreneuship forward.



JP Staffers Partake in Annual “Sista Strut”

JP staffers were out in full force again this year for the annual “Sista Strut” to raise awareness of breast cancer and to celebrate survivors.  Orchestrated by Nona Thomas of Hallelujah 1600, JP staffers joined scores of others who both walked/strutted and, new to this year, also decorated a vehicle – adorning it with pink ribbons.

Click on the short video of JP’s own Shawna Collier making inspirational remarks at the start of the strut.  And: nice pink socks and lavender sneakers!  Go Shawna!

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Tristan Brown

Justine PETERSEN is excited to welcome Tristan Brown as Asset Building Counselor to our Springfield, Illinois market. Having assisted over 100 small businesses in Springfield, Illinois over the last few years with the establishment of the Springfield Microloan Fund, JP has recently expanded our partnership with the City of Springfield and the Springfield Black Chamber to offer Covid 19 recovery microloans to local small businesses.  Tristan will facilitate the intaking, processing and closing of microloans, in addition to offering JP’s suite of credit building and home ownership products and services. Tristan will office from the City of Springfield’s Office of Planning and Economic Development, offering in-person meeting opportunities for prospective small business clients.  As to why he wanted to work at Justine PETERSEN, Tristan responded, “I was attracted to the organization’s mission-lending ethos.  I really want to part of an organization that truly impacts the community.” Welcome aboard Tristan!

Small Business Legal Clinic Thursday, October 21st RSVP Today!

Does your small business have unanswered legal questions? Do you want the sage counsel of an attorney free of charge? Then your small business should register for our October 21st Legal Clinic. Brought to you by a concerted effort of Emerson, the Legal Services of Eastern Missouri and Justine PETERSEN, attorneys are available to meet, via a virtual format, with small business owners or would be small business owners to discuss myriad small business issues, ranging from insurance, to copyright concerns to discussing the fine print of leases and contracts.  The 30 minute sessions are pro bono and entirely confidential. RSVP today by contacting Shawna Collier at or 314.533.2411 x 136.