The JP UP Date: $800M In Total Economic Impact In 2020

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 139                         October 8, 2021                                   St. Louis

JP 2020 Impact Data Released via IMPLAN:  $800M in Total Economic Impact 

Justine PETERSEN partnered with AllianceSTL to estimate the impact of its 2020 small business lending. AllianceSTL employed the IMPLAN platform of economic modeling methodology, combined with lending and jobs data from Justine PETERSEN, to estimate the number of jobs, amount of wages and income, and amount of total economic output Justine PETERSEN was directly or indirectly responsible for in 2020. Based on their analysis, Justine PETERSEN’s small business lending supported over 6,200 jobs, generated over $300 million in wages and income, and nearly $800 million in total economic output. AllianceSTL also looked specifically at JP’s 2020 PPP lending and found that PPP lending alone was responsible for sustaining over 4,200 jobs, $100 million in wages and income, and $200 million in total economic output.


Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez to Present as Part of Spectrum Conference for Nonprofit Marketers

Justine PETERSEN’s Chief Operating Officer Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez will participate in a panel discussion focusing on the strategic communications required when addressing the ongoing financial needs of a growing nonprofit organization.  Titled “Communications is the Key When Addressing Your Financial Needs,” panelists will discuss the nuances of how Covid 19 impacted the traditional revenue streams of nonprofit organizations and related communication efforts with funders and stakeholders.  The panel will be moderated by Barrett Baebler, Assoc. Professor of Entrepreneurship & Nonprofit Management at Webster University, and additional panelists include Anthony D’Agostino, CEO of St. Patrick Center and Jim Judge of Judge Evaluation Services.  Register here!

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Yolanda Nelson

Justine PETERSEN is excited to welcome Yolanda Nelson to our team as Business Associate Assistant.  More specifically, Yolanda will be a member of the Business Assistance Team (BAT), which connects small business owners with comprehensive, wrap-around technical assistance resources and providers.  Yolanda has expressed a passionate interest in “equipping and empowering businesses with the necessary knowledge, tools and products to build intergenerational assets and wealth.”  Asked why she wanted to work at JP, Yolanda stated, “I believe in the mission of JP, and I have always wanted to use my time making a positive impact in the lives of others.”  Welcome aboard Yolanda!

Small Business Legal Clinic Thursday, October 21st RSVP Today!

Does your small business have unanswered legal questions? Do you want the sage counsel of an attorney free of charge? Then your small business should register for our October 21st Legal Clinic. Brought to you by a concerted effort of Emerson, the Legal Services of Eastern Missouri and Justine PETERSEN, attorneys are available to meet, via a virtual format, with small business owners or would be small business owners to discuss myriad small business issues, ranging from insurance, to copyright concerns to discussing the fine print of leases and contracts.  The 30 minute sessions are pro bono and entirely confidential. RSVP today by contacting Shawna Collier at or 314.533.2411 x 136.