The JP UP Date: STL CDFI Coalition 2020 Impact Data

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 136                         September 17, 2021                                   St. Louis

St. Louis CDFI Coalition Releases 2020 Impact Data Report

Justine PETERSEN, as part of the St. Louis CDFI Coalition, was proud to lead the effort to produce the first ever St. Louis CDFI Coalition Data report.  A few highlights from our collective work in 2020:

STL CDFIs  provided more than $160M in safe and affordable capital to CDFI-eligible households, many of whom have been left out of traditional lending opportunities.

2020 saw the highest CDFI level of lending on record in St. Louis since collecting data as a Coalition.

Coalition members issued 464 PPP Loans that protected and helped sustain small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In total, 119,784 St. Louisans were assisted by CDFIs in 2020.

Justine PETERSEN Welcomes Charles Robinson

Justine PETERSEN is pleased to welcome Charles Robinson to our team at 1023 N. Grand Blvd. in St. Louis.  As Senior Small Business Associate, Charles will be at the epicenter of JP’s small business lending processing, working alongside JP’s Chief Lending Officer Aida Richardson and JP’s Director of Business Lending Chonda Aiello. Additionally, Charles will provide support in loan compliance and reporting activities.  Outside of work Charles enjoys working out, arts related events and quality time with his family. Commenting on the mission of Justine PETERSEN, Charles stated, “The work we do for the small business owner, those would-be business owners, and the community as a whole is very valuable.  JP is a gem that must remain and thrive.”

Inclusive Growth in St. Louis Presents “Embracing Inclusive Leadership” Webinar September 23
Presented by the Social Policy Institute at Washington University and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, “Embracing Inclusive Leadership” discusses strategies to intentionally engage diverse perspectives to shift power in leadership and include all voices at the table.  Listen to a panel of experts from all sectors who proactively amplify diverse voices through inclusive and meaningful partnership. Additionally, two organizations from St. Louis will share lessons learned from their own experience in intentionally diversifying relationships and perspectives to enact systemic change. Join this conversation to identify tangible ways for your organization to embrace inclusive leadership within St. Louis and build a more inclusive economy.  Register here.

Bird Notes:  The Eagle Has Landed

We reported recently in our ongoing series of bird-related journalism that the stork was within delivery radius.  We are confirming that delivery has been made, the Eagle has indeed landed, and his name is Asher Duran Boyer.  JP staffer Brandy Boyer welcomed her 7 pound bundle of joy at 1:46 am this past Wednesday. CONGRATS BRANDY AND FAMILY!!!!!!