William Bergheger

Katie ArnoldSmall Business, Success Stories

Accurate Mobile Metrology, LLC (AMM) was established in September 2020 by William Bergheger, 100% owner-operator. This Start-up of a 3-D scanning company, Accurate Mobile Metrology, will provide 3D scanning, CAD file creation of those scans, and software with the ability to organize, summarize and deliver output concerning the object(s) scanned. Using a hand-held scanning device, AMM can scan an object and feed that data into software to provide all of the necessary outputs for the owner to proceed with recreation, manufacturing (singular or in mass), or repair of that item. The scanner itself, manufactured by Engineering & Manufacturing Services (EMS), is currently state-of-the-art hardware.  It is the only scanner on the market to scan metallic, black, and shiny objects.

William obtained a Community Advantage loan from Justine PETERSEN in 2021 to assist AMM in purchasing hand-held scanners and software development. Additionally, limited working capital funds will be used to cover start-up expenses, including insurances, travel, and marketing. The software in its “out-of-the-box” state can receive the data from the scanner and create CAD files from it, and AMM will continue to develop this software further to allow for reporting and quoting capabilities.