The JP UP Date: JPHRC/GRCC Awarded $3.6M

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 124                          June 25, 2021                                   St. Louis

Justine Petersen Housing & Reinvestment Corp. and Great Rivers Community Capital Inc. Receive $3,652,530 from CDFI Rapid Response Program

The Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund), administered by the US Department of Treasury, awarded a historic $1.25 billion in Covid-19 relief funds to 863 CDFIs nationwide as part of the CDFI Rapid Response Program. Justine Petersen Housing & Reinvestment Corp. and Great Rivers Community Capital Inc. both received the maximum award of $1,826,265 for each CDFI.

The funding commitment represents the growing recognition of CDFIs nationally in creating, fostering and sustaining financial investments in communities most underserved.  CDFIs will utilize the awards to advance their mission in reopening and rebuilding our economy in neighborhoods and communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

JP Staffer Shawna Collier to Participate in Inclusive Growth Panel Discussing Investment in Inclusive Neighborhoods.  Register TODAY!

Join JP staffer Shawna Collier, along with St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones and other esteemed panelists, for a two-day virtual event that will focus on understanding how to develop and support inclusive neighborhoods in St. Louis. “Investing in Inclusive Neighborhoods” explores strategies for community-driven, place-based investments that support equitable neighborhood valuations and small/minority-owned business growth that leads to long-term growth. The two-day event offers non-repeatable discussion content and panelists.  Learn more and register here!

Delmar Tax Relief Fund Available for STL Central and Delmar Corridor Residents

This community resource is shared by JP Staffer Daniel Koslovsky 

Park Central Development recently announced The Delmar Tax Relief Fund, as part of their Stay in Place Program (SIPP), to help prevent displacement among residents within the Central and Delmar Corridor in St. Louis. The goal of the fund is to prevent homeowners from “losing their homes at tax sales due to back taxes and to assist with providing relief to homeowners facing rising property tax due to gentrification and drastic increases in property value.”

The fund also aims to assist residents impacted by COVID-19 from becoming delinquent on their property taxes. The Pilot Funding round of $50,000 is now open. For more information about the Fund, please see the press release from Park Central Development.

A Bird’s Eye View
We reported two weeks ago in The JP UP date about the concerted team effort of staff to usher a wayward bird out of the JP office and back into unliberated flight.  We now have a follow-up, though yet to be confirmed if they are related.  Pictured is the most amazing feathered creature, photographed by JP staffer Ben Feimer, perched on our back office stoop, seemingly surveying our office garden.  We have yet to identify the bird, and any possible relation to the trespassing bird of two weeks ago.  We’ve contacted the proper authorities, in this case the Audubon Society.  If you have any leads, please send information via carrier pigeon to 1023 N. Grand Blvd., STL, MO.  No stamp necessary, merely “put a bird on it.”