The JP UP Date: US Bank Awards Pair Of Grants

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 119                          May 21, 2021                                   St. Louis

JP Awarded Pair of Grants from US Bank

Justine PETERSEN recently received a pair of grants from US Bank – US Bank Work and US Bank Home. Each grant will provide $40,000 in funding for Justine PETERSEN to apply toward efforts to assist small businesses and advance home ownership.  The grant application process was made available to non-profit organizations invited to apply by US Bank.

US Bank Work is a grant program focused on helping small businesses thrive, with an emphasis on assisting people to succeed in the workforce as well as providing pathways to higher education and gaining greater financial literacy. US Bank Home is a grant program with the stated goal of increasing access to low-income housing. JP will utilize this loan to support the recently launched Gateway Neighborhood Fund. Justine PETERSEN is most grateful for US Bank’s continued support!

JP Chief Operating Officer Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez Shares Vision of Inclusive Growth in STL

Justine PETERSEN Chief Operating Officer Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez is a member of the advisory committee for an effort seeking to implement strategies that lead to an inclusive economy in the St. Louis region.  The Social Policy Institute and Washington University in St. Louis, in conjunction with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, is investigating who is left out of St. Louis’ economic growth and recommendations to become an inclusive economy.  Read Sheri’s vision of inclusive growth here!

Join Justine PETERSEN and Bank of America for June 3rd Webinar: 2021 Small Business & Black Business Owner Spotlights 

Join Justine PETERSEN and Bank of America for the next installment of the DELIVERING INSIGHTS WEBINAR SERIES. Titled, “Small Business & Black Business Owner Spotlights:  What to Know Now,” Bank of America’s Michelle Lewis, Process Design Consultant II, and Kurt Oneal, Small Business Performance Manager, will discuss the key findings in the bank’s recently released 2021 Small Business and Black Business Owner reports.  As the latest in our series of studies exploring the unique contextual factors facing small business owners and black business owners around the country and in 10 major cities, this webinar will help participants to understand the perspectives, aspirations and concerns of their peers.  The webinar is June 3, 12:00 – 1:00 pm and is free of charge. RSVP here!

Puppy Pond Payoff (PPP 15.0)

Ok, we’re down to the last two installments of our PPP series, as the true PPP program draws to an end soon, and this is possibly our favorite to date!  JP small business client Angie Degonia, proprietor of The Puppy Pond, a mobile dog washing service, recently paid off her JP microloan two years early!  That translates to a PUPPPOND PAYOFF!!! (PPPPP 1.0) Schedule your pooch for a complete spa treatment via Facebook or call 314-599-5966.