The JP UP Date: Justine PETERSEN Receives Investment from Mercy Partnership Fund

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 114                           April 16, 2021                                   St. Louis

Justine PETERSEN Receives Investment from Mercy Partnership Fund

Justine PETERSEN recently received an investment from the Mercy Partnership Fund, a long standing JP partner and supporter of CDFIs nationwide. A program of Mercy Investment Services, the Mercy Partnership Fund seeks impact investing opportunities globally. As a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Investment Services “recognizes the moral imperative of work for a just and sustainable world and embraces socially responsible investing as a means of promoting systemic change to respond to the critical needs of the time.” Justine PETERSEN will prioritize small business loans to Black-owned businesses with the Mercy Partnership Fund investment, increasing the availability of deployable capital to small businesses most in need.

Digital Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses April 21. Register today!

JP’s Business Assistance Team (BAT), led by the superhero dynamic duo of Shawna Collier and Maximilianah Zales, is providing a menu of business resource webinars in partnership with Pacific Community Ventures.  Next up is the April 21st (1:00 pm) “Digital Marketing Best Practices” which will feature a host of seasoned professionals discussing how to take your online marketing efforts to the next level.  This free webinar will cover a full suite of topics – from search engine optimization (SEO), to messaging customers through email and text, to social media and website enhancements. Register here!

Illinois Passes State Level Community Reinvestment Act and Predatory Loan Prevention Act

Recently, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law the state-legislated Community Reinvestment Act and Predatory Loan Prevention Act. The Community Reinvestment Act will provide state oversight to ensure that state chartered banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers provide an adequate level of access to credit to minority and low-to-moderate income communities. The Predatory Loan Prevention Act will cap the APR that can be charged on a consumer loan at 36%. This will greatly decrease the amount Illinoisans will have to pay on predatory payday and title loans (which currently average APRs of 297% and 179%, respectively), ensuring that loans accessed by low-to-moderate income individuals and families in an emergency will be safe and affordable.

Proud Parents Pic (PPP 10.0) (MMM 1.0)

Talk about picture perfect!  After a year of pandemic separation, JP staffer Maria Fernanda Gomez was recently gloriously united with her parents Maria Teresa and Gustavo!  Making the international pilgrimage to see Maria Fernanda and her sister Maria Gabriela from Venezuela, the p’s experienced the privilege of having Maria and her sis around 24/7, as virtual working kept everyone home.  Three Marias under one roof – at long last!