The JP UP Date: Nelly Supports Local Small Business

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 107                            February 19, 2021                                   St. Louis

D̶a̶n̶c̶i̶n̶g̶ Eating with the Stars: Nelly Dines at JP Small Business Prime 55 Restaurant & Lounge

Welcome to Nellyville!  Prime 55 Restaurant & Lounge recently hosted STL’s own Nelly in the Delmar Loop establishment.  The Justine PETERSEN financed small business is the culinary oasis created by the trailblazing entrepreneur Tony Davis.  Pictured with Nelly, Tony has created a fanciful two-floor restaurant and lounge, outfitted with two full bars and a tantalizing menu that weds American cuisine with touches of Creole favorites. Additionally, Prime 55 offers vegetarian and vegan entries. Cajun kale soup, lamb chops, blackened sweet chili salmon:  it’s indeed getting “hot in herre!”  Check out Nelly promoting Prime 55 on facebook here:

JP Partners with Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis Women’s Business Center

Justine PETERSEN is most proud to partner with the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis Women’s Business Center on advancing female entrepreneurship in the region.  Under the visionary leadership of Tasha Pettis-Bonds, the Women’s Business Center is partnering with Justine PETERSEN to offer the next generation of women entrepreneurs access to safe and affordable business capital to start and grow their businesses.  JP superhero Shawna Collier recently presented to small business candidates of the Women’s Business Center, introducing them to fundamentals of Justine PETERSEN and small business finance.  Shawna, forever affable and significantly seasoned, shared her wealth and breadth of experience in stewarding small businesses from A to Z to $!

Justine PETERSEN and AllTru Credit Union Present at City Garden Montessori

In early February, Justine PETERSEN teamed with AllTru Credit Union to provide a virtual “Financial Empowerment Session” for parents, neighbors and patrons of City Garden Montessori located in the City of St. Louis.  The dynamic duo of Ashley Fisher and Ben Feimer, representing AllTru Credit Union and Justine PETERSEN respectively, presented a comprehensive overview of credit building, household budgeting and steps necessary to prepare for first-time homeownership.  As Financial Empowerment Coordinator at AllTru Credit Union, Ashley works first hand with individuals and families interested in financial products and services that can lead to a lifetime of financial asset-building.  In his role as Credit Building Manager at Justine PETERSEN, Ben shepherds individuals along the credit-building trajectory, equipping them with both the know-how and products necessary to realize true credit score ascent.

Pandemic Potion Pic (yup, yet another “PPP”)

This week’s beverage is indeed a “crisis concoction.”  JP staffer Matt Chandler has been driven to the limits of pandemic cocktail creativity and resourcefulness with his post-modern, deconstructive “banana peppers, brine and Everclear” in a vernacular canning jar. Eat, drink and be merry all in one.