City Of Alton Resumes Home Rehabilitation Program Activity

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published February 8 2021 9:53 AM

ALTON – The City of Alton is pleased to announce it has resumed Home Rehabilitation Program activity, which had been on hiatus due the COVID-19 pandemic. The program provides up to $10,000 as a forgivable grant for home repairs to address structural deficiencies, handicap accessibility, and life safety issues.

Justine Peterson Housing Corporation (JP) is the third-party program administrator and handles all application intake, reviews and processing on behalf of the City. Applicants must apply directly to Justine Petersen or contact the Dept. of Planning & Development for additional program inquiries. In an effort to address the program backlog, the City of Alton is not accepting new applications at this time. Further announcements will be forthcoming when new applications are being accepted.

While the City of Alton is not accepting new applications for the Home Rehabilitation Program, it continues to accept applications for its HOMEownership Program.

The HOMEownership Program provides approved applicants with a $3,000 forgivable grant for down payment and closing cost assistance when purchasing a home within the City of Alton. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact a local mortgage lender to apply.

Please note that income eligibility guidelines apply to each respective program.

To date, the City of Alton has assisted 30 low to moderate income homeowners with home repairs totaling $263,000. Since 2013, the HOMEownership program has assisted 189 home buyers, totaling $567,000 in monetary assistance for home purchases within the City of Alton.

“The purpose of these programs is to stabilize neighborhoods and encourage home ownership within the City of Alton,” said Mayor Brant Walker. “Both programs have proven to be a successful part of the City’s strategy to revitalize our neighborhoods and encourage investment.”

“I encourage anyone interested in more information about these programs to contact Greg Caffey, Director of Planning & Development at 463.3801,” said Mayor Walker.