The JP UP Date: Regions Bank Grants $25K

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 87                            October 2, 2020                                   St. Louis

Regions Bank Grants $25k to JP and CAAAB for Development of Business Sustainability Team
Justine PETERSEN and the Center for the Acceleration of African-American Business (CAAAB) are collaborating on the development of a Business Sustainability Team made possible by a grant from Regions Bank.  Comprising of an accountant, a banker and access to a legal clinic, the Business Sustainability Team will target four Black businesses in the St. Louis Metro area that are poised to access capital from mainstream financing.  With a focus on enhancing the bankability of each business, the Business Sustainability Team will first look to the SBA Community Advantage program for next-step financing, with the ultimate goal of accessing mainstream commercial lending products.

Eddie Davis, Founder and Executive Director of CAAAB, is working along with JP’s Small Business Advisor Bud Carlson to craft action plans for each small business.  CAAAB has a demonstrated track record of assisting local Black businesses with every facet of business engagement.  Justine PETERSEN is excited to collaborate with CAAAB on an effort that will yield tangible results for local Black small businesses.  Justine PETERSEN and CAAAB are most grateful to Regions Banks in providing grant assistance that specifically inspires local collaborations among service providers.

Pictured above are Eddie Davis and Bud Carlson with Robert and Sandra Dobynes of Eye Fashion Factory and Tony Brown of Midtown Mattress.


Justine PETERSEN Staffer Chonda Aiello Promoted to Director of Business Lending
Seasoned, hyperly-diligent and forever forward looking, longtime JP staffer Chonda Aiello has recently been promoted to Director of Business Lending at Justine PETERSEN.  We are most proud of Chonda’s ever present role modeling and leadership as it relates to propelling our small business lending.  In her new position, Chonda will be focusing her efforts on small business loans over $50,000 as well as duties and reporting activities specific to the SBA Community Advantage loan program.  We are excited for Chonda to take this next step, and are equally excited to witness her stewardship of our $50,000+ small business loan portfolio.


It’s a Family Affair: JP Sister Staffers Celebrate the Release of Rhoda G’s New Single “Finally”
S-m-oooooo-th! Rhoda G’s new single “Finally” dropped yesterday, October 1st, and our lives are already getting better. Rhoda is the “sax-tastic” saxophonist extraordinaire sister of longtime JP staffers Fredrica (Cookie) and Trina, whose globetrotting has included Harlem’s Apollo Theater in NYC and skyscrapers in Dubai. “Finally” is an aural embodiment of Rhoda’s super smooth and shimmery style. “Finally” is available on all streaming platforms, including CONGRATS RHODA G!


Pandemic Plant Pic (yet another PPP)

Ok, we thrive on alliteration here at JP.  The Pandemic Pet Pic has now been augmented with the “Pandemic Plant Pic.” JP staffer Cait Baker inaugurates this morphing of the PPP with her ever verdant apartment, surrounded by varieties of photosynthesis that allow for a mask-free existence.  Cait’s green thumb obviously extends to other digits, as her plant life is wildly glorious!