The JP UP Date: Are YOU Registered To VOTE?

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 85                            September 18, 2020                                   St. Louis

Are YOU Registered to VOTE?

There is an election quickly approaching on November 3.  If you have yet to register, register today.  There are different registration deadlines depending on your state and how you register.  Most specifically, the registration deadline is different depending on if you register online, by mail or in person.

And registering to vote is not voting.  Actual voting comes with a complete calendar of other deadlines.

In short, go to this link if you reside in Missouri and need to register.

If you reside in Illinois, go to this link.

If you reside in another state, please search online for your state-specific voter registration information and deadlines.

Don’t forget to register to vote.  And don’t forget to VOTE!

New Research Supports Entrepreneurship for Returning Citizens

New research from the Columbia Business School underscores what Justine PETEREN has found in practice: small business ownership can be a great fit for returning citizens as they transition out of incarceration and back into their communities. Justine PETERSEN has long worked with returning citizens to start businesses and provide them access to capital to start and grow their businesses.  Each year approximately 10% of our clients are returning citizens. During a three-year program funded by the Kellogg Foundation, JP was able to originate over $1 million dollars to returning citizens. We’ve had the opportunity to share our experience nationally through Credit Builders Alliance and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, national support organizations for the credit building and entrepreneurship fields. Returning citizens looking for help with their credit or small business should reach out to Franchot Cunningham,

Tips for Finding and Modifying a Disability-Friendly Home

Patrick Young of ABLE USA has contributed a very comprehensive and engaging article about housing nuances for those individuals facing physical challenges in residential settings.  Patrick is a seasoned practitioner in providing resources for those individuals and families requiring special needs.  Please read his article here!Justine PETERSEN offers specific loan products to those individuals and small business owners who face disabilities in life and the workplace.  We offer ABLE LIFE and ABLE BIZ loan products, made available through capital from the CDFI Fund. If you are interested in learning more about our ABLE loan products, please contact Galen Gondolfi at 314.565.2223 or

Pandemic Pet Pic (the “other” PPP)

This week’s Pandemic Pet Pic features JP staffer Madelyn with her roommate Ethel the gecko.  Clocking in nearly a 40+ hour “work” week of daily napping, Ethel finds time to consume 10+ worms a day.  Moreover, she participates in binge TV viewing, standing on her hind legs, leaning on the corner of her tank, and forever pining for the commercial breaks featuring the GEICO Insurance gecko.