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Number 77                            July 24, 2020                                   St. Louis

Karen Drayton-Fowlkes Becomes Third HUD-Certified Housing Counselor at Justine PETERSEN

Justine PETERSEN’s began as a HUD-certified counseling agency over 20 years ago. At that time, most JP staffers focused on housing-related activities.  Over time, with the addition of our microlending program and establishment of our CDFI, staffers began to work in a variety of asset-building capacities – but having HUD-certified housing counselors on staff was a mainstay.  Most recently, Karen Drayton-Fowlkes became the third HUD-certified housing counselor on staff, joining Randen Click and Cait Baker.  Congrats to Karen on her certification!  And thanks for carrying the torch of housing counseling at JP!

Justine PETERSEN Small Business Client Keith Clinton Keeps Moving Forward and Upward During Covid-19

Keith Clinton is multi-talented.  His gifts include an array of media production skills and the conviction to persevere.  Keith’s business, KC Productions, not only witnessed a steady stream of business during the pandemic, but an overall increase in sales generation.  New projects emerged, taking the shape of both television commercials and social media campaigns.  Prior to the pandemic, Keith reached out to Justine PETERSEN and closed on a small business loan.  A few months later, in the midst of the lockdown, Keith was actually in a position to pay off the loan.  Keith notes, “I’m extremely grateful for organizations like Justine PETERSEN and people like Aida Richardson, Chief Lending Officer, for believing in me and granting me the opportunity to succeed as a business owner.”

State of MO Now Accepting Applications for Small Business Grants up to $50K

Small businesses in Missouri can now apply for emergency grants of up to $50,000 via a new $30 million program through the state’s Department of Economic Development. The grants through the new Small Business Grant Program are limited to for-profit businesses with fewer than 50 employees. The Missouri Department of Agriculture will administer about $7.5 million of the grant funding pool reserved for family-owned farms. Businesses have until Aug. 31 to apply.

The state will focus awards on industries hit hard by the pandemic such as retail, accommodation, food service and health care, but grants aren’t limited to those industries. DED staff will have discretion over awards and review applications in the order they are submitted.

Pandemic Pet Picture (the “other” PPP)

“PPP” this week is more exacting as the “Pandemic Pooch Picture.” All smiles here are JP staffer Tamra with Talley in tow. What would this pandemic really be like without licks of affection and long walks? Can’t imagine. Don’t want to. No need to. Woof!