The JPPP UP Date: $7.6M Approved, Still Accepting Applications

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 66                            May 8, 2020                                   St. Louis

PPP Funds are Still Available!  JP Accepting Applications, $7.6M Currently Approved
Your business can still apply for the Paycheck Protection Program!  Federal funds remain available for round 2, and JP is willing and able to accept and process applications in the most expeditious manner.  Having assisted 280 businesses with over $7.6M approved, JP staffers have been clocking in long hours, diligently processing and submitting applications.  Justine PETERSEN is closing 92 PPP loans in next week alone!  That said, your business can still apply.  To begin your application, please contact Aida Richardson at
JP Support from Give STL Day Exceeds $4,500
Justine PETERSEN is most grateful for the many donors that supported our recent Give STL Day fundraising effort.  JP contributions totaled over $4,500, with JP staffers Madelyn Murphy, Maria Gomez and Tamra Thetford tailoring their own social media campaigns to drive the collective effort.  Fundraising is always a formidable challenge, even more so given the current state of affairs.  JP is most most appreciative of the communal spirit manifested during this recent campaign.  Thank you.  Be safe.

The Pandemic Diaries:  Week Five

The Pandemic Diaries is a weekly reflection penned by individual Justine PETERSEN staff members in the style of journaling, chronicling the daily reality of working from home in the wake of Covid-19.  This week’s diary entry is presented in the form of four haikus, composed by Cait Baker, Asset Building Counselor at Justine PETERSEN.

Paycheck Protection
helping small businesses
hope moves us forward.

Pandemic routines,
I wake up and put on my
Sweatpants again, wow.

Pandemic routines,
Sad, I forgot to buy milk
Coffee is ruined.

Pandemic routines,
I talk to my plants daily;
they are my friends now.


A cherished JP tradition, JP mom’s go home with a hanging flower basket every Friday before Mother’s Day weekend.  This year, curbside pick-up was orchestrated to accommodate our current virtual officing configuration.  JP wishes all mothers, everywhere, a happy and safe holiday!