The JP UP Date: Crisis Asset-Building

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 59                             March 20, 2020                                   St. Louis

Crisis Asset-Building in the Wake of Covid-19

This week’s JP UP date is like no other for obvious reasons.  This is not a typical Friday in the office here in St. Louis – nor anywhere on the planet.  If there will ever be a time that we find our work united in a global effort to remain resilient, it is now.  This is what “Crisis Asset-Building” looks like.  An empty office, relentless phone calls and emails from clients in financial distress, and yes, hope.  We see hope.  We feel hope.  And we aim to personify hope, albeit virtually.

What we are doing:

•Remaining steadfast and stalwart to our clients, partners and community.
•Remaining fully-staffed virtually, with the aid of technology.
•Remaining available and affable to all seeking assistance and solutions.
•Remaining flexible and agile when serving our varied constituencies.
•Remaining committed to the virtues of your namesake Justine M. Petersen.
•Remaining resilient.
We will continue to Build Assets. Sustain Assets. Safeguard Assets. And Change Lives.