The JP UP Date: JP Awarded Top KC SBA Microlender

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 56                             February 28, 2020                                            St. Louis

Justine PETERSEN Awarded Top SBA KC Microlender for Fiscal Year 2019

Jim Boyle, co-founder of Justine PETERSEN, recently accepted the SBA’s Kansas City District Office’s Top Microlender award for Fiscal Year 2019.  Having deployed just under $500,000 to nearly 50 businesses, JP’s work in the Kansas City SBA District retained over 100 employees and retained nearly 50.  JP is proud of this honor and remains committed to serving small businesses throughout the Kansas City District with both access to the SBA Microloan Program and SBA Community Advantage Program, the latter allowing loans up to $250,000.

Regions Bank Hosts 5th Annual Community Leadership Collaboration Forum

Justine PETERESEN has participated each year in Regions Bank Annual Community Leadership Collaboration Forum, now in its fifth iteration.  Convening a broad and diverse group of community leaders, Regions Bank provides a provocative platform for community engagement and action.  Mike Hart, Regions Bank Midwest Area President, led the forum, emphasizing the importance of collaboration across various community sectors to truly advance tangible change.  Justine PETERSEN is grateful for Regions Bank’s commitment to not only community dialogue, but true community synergy.

Lights!  Camera!  Action!

JP marketing intern extraordinaire Maria Gomez has reframed (pun intended) the Justine PETERSN office – literally and figuratively – with recent video projects.  Maria has filmed and edited two videos in the same number of weeks for both a grant application and a national conference to be hosted in Washington DC.  Several JP staffers made cameos – and a few just may be worthy of an Oscar.  We’ll post the videos once the grant application review process has been completed and the conference has adjourned; you’ll need to provide the popcorn.

Office Olympics: Conference Table Arm Wrestling

Ok, there are times at the JP office where we must default to arm wrestling to advance not only our mission, but justice writ large.  Arm wrestling, we have collectively deduced, is not only a civil means, but quite effective.  We also tolerate 2 against 1.