Peoria City council supports Peoria Housing Authority in efforts to redevelop Taft Homes

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by: Brittni Clemons

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria Housing Authority is soliciting support from city leaders hoping to make long-awaited improvements to Taft Homes.

Peoria City Council Tuesday voted to support the Peoria Housing Authority’s application to get funding for its proposed redevelopment plan of Taft Homes.

Council voted 8-2 with two opposing votes from Beth Jensen and Zach Oyler.

Peoria Housing Authority CEO, Jackie Newman, said with the support of the city she hopes they can follow-through with the project.

“There have been many starts and stops over the past years and we are certainly hopeful that we are moving the housing authority forward in a positive direction. So, we are here tonight of course to solicit your support….”

Councilwoman Beth Jensen had doubts about backing the authority asking for more time to discuss the proposal.

“I’m not prepared to support a project until we have some of those public meetings that include the neighborhood businesses and residences it’s very important to have their input on how this should be designed.”

PHA CEO Jackie Newman said the authority will host public hearings to enlighten neighbors moving forward.

Council members also approved spending money that will bring a financial service business to the city.

Justine Petersen is a microloan non-profit with a goal of helping people stay in their homes. Council documents say this non-profit can help Peoria households avoid payday loans and other risky financial alternatives to getting cash.

Justine Petersen also works with families on financial education in an effort to help them start saving for emergencies. Peoria is spending $40,000 to help the institution set to open up in the city.