The JP UP Date: YouthBridge Foundation Invests $250k

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 53                             February 7, 2020                                            St. Louis

YouthBridge Community Foundation Invests $250k in Justine PETERSEN’s CDFI

YouthBridge Community Foundation, advancing their 140+ year history of supporting children and youth causes in St. Louis, has invested $250,000 in Justine PETERSEN’s CDFI (community development financial institution) Great Rivers Community Capital as part of their 25×25 Impact Investing Initiative, which aims to invest a total of $5-6 million over the next five years.  The initiative is “a pledge to deliver more long-term social return” by committing 25 percent of the foundation’s endowment by 2025 to local and regional projects.  YouthBridge also committed $250,000 to IFF, a peer CDFI that assists non-profit organizations with facilities related financing.

JP Provides Office Space for Missouri American Legion Tom Powell Post #77

Justine PETERSEN is most proud to offer free office space for the Missouri American Legion Tom Powell Post #77.  The Post celebrated its 100th anniversary in September 2019 as the first chartered all-African-American post, established decades before the military formally desegregated.  Located in St. Louis, the Post is a named after Tom Powell, an Army messenger killed in France during World War 1.  Powell, a Georgia native, was first refused by local Army recruiters, so he rode a railroad freight car to Chicago where he enlisted in the 8th Illinois, an all African-American regiment.  He died in action in 1918 while carrying messages to the front lines.  He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Groundbreaking of The Village @ West Jefferson in Louisville, Kentucky

Robert Boyle, Founder and CEO of Justine PETERSEN, recently attended the groundbreaking ceremony of The Village @ West Jefferson in Louisville, Kentucky.  As a partner of the Molo Village Community Development Corporation and the United Church of Christ Building and Loan Fund, JP welcomes The Village’s 30,000 square feet of mixed-use office and retail space to the historic Russell Neighborhood.  Molo Village CDC offers an array of services to neighborhood residents, with an emphasis on financial asset-building.

Auditing an Office Potluck

The Compliance Department at Justine PETERSEN recently hosted an internal potluck, not unlike the internal audits they conduct on a routine basis.  Audit stipulations included both “too spicy” and “not spicy enough.”