The JP UP Date: JP And Montgomery Bank Advance Collaboration

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 48                               January 3, 2019                                            St. Louis

JP and Montgomery Bank Advance Collaboration

Justine PETERSEN values its many working relationships with local banking institutions.  Montgomery Bank and JP have nurtured a collaboration over the years that is multi-faceted.  In addition to financial support, Montgomery Bank’s Don Doherty has contributed significantly to our board of directors, serving multiple terms, and now retired Ted Rice was instrumental in founding the St. Louis Regional Unbanked Task Force, which JP served as fiscal agent.  Recently, Karen Helm of Montgomery Bank gifted a check to Robert Boyle, Founder and CEO of Justine PETERSEN, further reinforcing the Montgomery Bank/JP collaboration for 2020 and beyond.

JP Ushers in 2020 with St. Louis Media Coverage

The New Year is already brining new media attention for the work of Justine PETERSEN. The January 2020 issue of the St. Louis Small Business Monthly features an article on JP’s Microlending program, which includes a discussion of JP’s commitment to deploy funds North of Delmar through a collaboration with JP Morgan Chase.  Read the article here: SBM’s January Edition.
This coming Monday, January 6th, local NPR affiliate KWMU will air a story about the challenges that black businesses face in the St. Louis market as it relates to accessing capital to either start or expand their businesses.  Listen to reporter Marissanne Lewis-Thompson’s account at 5:45 am/7:45 am/4:45 pm on 90.7.

JP’s Ramona Scott Selected for UMSL’s 2020 Neighborhood Leadership Fellows Cohort

Justine PETERSEN is PROUD to announce that our own Ramona Scott has been selected as a fellow as part of UMSL’s 2020 Neighborhood Leadership Fellows Cohort.  The program seeks to enlist participants who reside within the St. Louis Promise Zone.  The robust program includes sessions that highlight foundational informational training and collaborative learning that is beneficial to the St. Louis Promise Zone.  A specific program outcome is “to prepare participants to engage in the civic-decision making process within the region of the St. Louis Promise Zone.”  CONGRATS RAMONA!

JP 2020!  JP 2020!  JP 2020!

With most 20/20 vision puns already exhausted in the first week of the New Year, we elected for a home-grown office generated banner as opposed to donning 2020 celebratory eyewear. Regardless:  the future is bright!