The JP UP Date: DEI Staff Training

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Number 44                               December 6, 2019                                            St. Louis

JP Staff Participate in All Day DEI Training

Justine PETERSEN staff recently participated in an all day DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) training led by Bolanle Ambonisye of You and I Rise.  Locally based, Bolanle is a gifted facilitator who has primarily worked with parents in educational settings.  The dynamic training included various small group breakout sessions as well as lively public dialogue, allowing the experience to be both personal at times, as well as democratic in participation.  Justine PETERSEN is committed to on-going DEI training for staff in 2020 and beyond.

JP and US Bank CDC Meet to Discuss New Opportunities for Partnership

Justine PETERSEN recently met with Phillip Sangokoya of U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation to discuss potential new opportunities for partnership.  U.S. Bank CDC and U.S. Bank are long standing supporters of the work of Justine PETERSEN.  Kathy Siddens of U.S. Bank played an instrumental role in the nascent stages of our CDFI (community development financial institution), and Elissa Schauman of U.S. Bank CDC currently sits on our board of directors.  Justine PETERSEN is excited about new opportunities with U.S. Bank in 2020.

Research and Design Committee Advances
2020 Schedule of Projects/Publications

JP’s Research and Design Committee recently met to discuss the upcoming 2020 calendar of various research project and potential publications.  Comprised of JP staffers, the R&D Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss on-going projects, and potential new endeavors.  Data mining, analysis and synthesis is central to the work of the R&D Committee.  A current study looking at credit scores and vehicle loan payments is slated for publication first quarter 2020, along with possible inclusion at conferences nationally throughout calendar year 2020.

Birthday Boy Once Again

It seems that JP staffer Travis Williams (fondly referred to as “TW”) once again is celebrating a birthday.  Gee, how the years fly by!  Travis has been with JP for over 6 years.  Maybe we can come up with a new birthday equation that includes office seniority plus actual age, converted to dog years?  You do the math.