Michelle Wright

Katie ArnoldSmall Business, Success Stories

Referred by the Small Business Administration in 2005, Michelle Wright came to Justine PETERSEN after she was denied bank financing to open Michelle’s Place Child Care Center, Inc. The initial loan assisted her to finish the renovations of their new facility and transition from home-based to center-based care. She has attended many Justine PETERSEN training workshops to strengthen the administrative side of the business. Through thick and thin, JP has assisted Mrs. Wright to keep her business going during difficult times, weathering state funding ebbs and flows. In 2016, Mrs. Wright was able to open a second location with JP’s assistance. She is now able to employee 15 people full-time and has 76 child care slots.
Through her long relationship with JP, Mrs. Wright has kept a strong payment history and continued to build her credit score. This hard work has allowed her to access another avenue to capital, a New Market Tax Credit loan. This loan has allowed Mrs. Wright to expand and update her child-care center even further. She plans on purchasing updated equipment for her centers and is now marketing her 24-hour care facility. Justine PETERSEN has helped Michelle achieve her dreams of serving her community. “I’m grateful for this company,” Michelle said. “Justine PETERSEN helped me to help others.”