Stephanie Bethel

Katie ArnoldSmall Business, Success Stories

Against the post-industrial landscape of Granite City, IL, one business is seeking to provide a haven for spiritual awareness and holistic healing. As the sole proprietor of Stephanie’s Spiritual Therapy, Stephanie Bethel embodies entrepreneurial “spirit” in more than one way – merging her extensive knowledge of spiritual therapeutic techniques with her entrepreneurial expertise. From her cozy storefront in the historic district of Granite City, IL, Stephanie offers a wide range of natural and therapeutic products as well as a diverse set of healing therapies, such as Crystal Therapy, Theta Therapy, and Angel Healing. Her shop is a vestige of warmth and comfort to her clients, one of the few spiritual based therapies in the Metro East region of Illinois. “My services provide self-healing to help release blocks, fears, and painful emotions of the past so that you can hear the voice of the angels and their divine guidance,” Stephanie remarks on her work.
While her shop provides unique services to the residents of Granite City, her storefront also contributes to a larger effort by Justine PETERSEN to revitalize Granite City’s historic and commercial district. In this way, her presence as an entrepreneur not only heals individuals, it is helping to heal and revitalize the greater community. With help from JP, Stephanie was able to obtain funding with a more affordable interest rate to give her this opportunity for her small business to heal and strengthen the spirits of her clients.